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Eddie Jordan's Name "Thrown Around" in Philly

Former Wizards coach Eddie Jordan's name has been thrown around. He worked for Ed Stefanski with the Nets. Some sources close to the team say the Sixers need a coach who commands respect, is a former player but not a player's coach, and is more strict than former Sixers coach Maurice Cheeks. Someone similar in style to Pistons coach Michael Curry. via Kate Fagan, Philly Inquirer h/t SacTown Royalty

Chris Mannix: Eddie Jordan Doomed by Wizards' Vanishing Defense


Great article by Mannix on EJ's defenisve deficiencies. Two things jump out at me -- Ernie Grunfeld almost fired EJ at the beginning of 06/07, when we started 4-9, and that EJ spends most of his practices working on offense. A must read.

Bye Bye Eddie

Editor's Note: Well, that happened quicker than I expected, but then again, Ernie Grunfeld's a man who isn't afraid to make bold moves. Ed Tapscott is set to take over, which is really interesting. Ed and Ernie have a history dating back to New York, but it's odd to see every single assistant passed over for the job. Including Randy Ayers. I wouldn't be surprised to see stories about EJ and EG fighting come out in the coming months. The big elephant in the room seemed to be that they didn't like each other. -PM UPDATE: According to ESPN, Mike O' Koren was also released today and Randy Ayers is now head assistant. (HT: Stet Sports Blog) Looks like Les Boulez are getting ready to can Eddie Jordan. I would say I can't believe it, but this franchise is looking more and more like its old self every day.

BDL on how the Wizards need CHANGE

[Ed. Note: For the record, I think it's still too early to be calling for anyone's head just yet, but I understand the sentiment. Of course, I also thought when the Colts fired Jim Mora that it was a big mistake, so take that for what it's worth. -Jake]

Improving The Defense of the Washington Wizards


Aspects of the match-up zone, how Flip Saunders really helped the team, and what the Wizards need to concentrate on to improve their three-point defense.

Mr. Jordan goes to Washington (Redskins training camp)


Somewhere Jason Campbell is lamenting the fact that he now has to learn the Princeton offense. (HT: the Wizards blog.)

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