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The Strange Case of Javale McGee's Defense


Last week, we featured some of Brendan Haywood's very impressive defensive numbers, and also mentioned some of those posted by Andray Blatche.  But what about the team's very young big-man...

Profiling Brendan Haywood's Defense, By the Numbers


Editor's Note: This is bwoodsxyz's latest. We had to delay it due to Arenas mania, and he had computer issues so he asked me to post it. -Mike It has taken years, but Brendan Haywood has started...

Flip Saunders reaches the breaking point in post-game press conference


Every underachieving head coach has that moment, that once press conference where he says "Screw it" and just tees off on his team.  Flip Saunders' moment came tonight.   The three-minute press...

Caron Butler says he wants to be "the best defensive player I can possibly be"


Caron Butler said he plans on showing a renewed commitment to defense this year and is taking pride in trying to stop the opposing teams' best wing player.

Brendan Haywood, Flip Saunders and Ben Wallace: A cautionary tale, or nothing to worry about?


Flip Saunders didn't get along with Ben Wallace in Detroit. Does this mean he might not get along with Brendan Haywood in DC?

Defensive Stills From the Spurs Game and Tapscott's Office


I'm not an advocate of Ed Tapscott by any means. In fact, I've been outwardly critical of him at times -- essentially, in my humble opinion (IMHO for you kids), Eddie Jordan shouldn't have been...

Thinking about Dominic McGuire's defense some more


Thinking about Dominic McGuire's defense during the Washington Wizards' 80-77 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers last Sunday.

Defense is causing the good vibes


Amazing what a couple of decent performances can do to your team morale.  Sure, we've only won 20 percent of our games this season, but all is well because we've actually won 40 percent of our last...

Expect a lot of Dominic McGuire now


In typical Wizards fashion this season, the coaching staff somehow manages to bungle up even the simplest and most obvious of moves.  If I'm reading this correctly, it took DeShawn Stevenson...

About That Miami Heat 20-3 Run


A detailed account of the 20-3 Miami Heat run against the Washington Wizards on Saturday, November 15, 2008.

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