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Urban Meyer New Ohio State Coach, Bo Pelini Denies Interest - What Do You Think?


Ohio State will name Urban Meyer their new head coach. Nebraska's Bo Pelini was first said to have interviewed, but denies interest. What do you think?

Will John Papuchis Hook'em?


John Papuchis is being considered to become the next position coach at Texas - taking over defensive tackles.

Radio appearance


So I just learned about this, but I'm going to be on Shan Shariff's ESPN 1240 Delmarva show at 5:20 today talking about the Flip Saunders hire.  I can't find a listen live button, but I'll try to...

Flip Saunders reaction roundup


So it's now official: Flip Saunders is coaching next year's edition of the Washington Wizards.  Apparently, he'll sign a 4 year/$18 million contract to do so.   You know how I feel, but what about...

Michael Wilbon argues against the Flip hire


It's a really good column; probably his best effort in years, to be honest. It certainly made me pause. I just wonder whether his mythical perfect coach is in fact Avery Johnson, like he claims. The line between Avery and Terry Porter seems remarkably thin. It's why I'm such a big fan of the Sam Cassell AC hiring; Cassell does everything Avery would do, except with far less risk. Yet Wilbon dismisses it offhand, since he's not the head coach. The title, to me, seems far less important than Wilbon makes it out to me. Then again, one area Wilbon clearly has an advantage over me is assessing locker room dynamics. Neither of us are perfect, but he's got better contacts and access to make educated guesses.

Michael Lee reminds us that Flip isn't a done deal yet


And he apparently will cost slightly less than five million annually. Yeesh.

So ... hey, Flip Saunders, ladies and gentlemen!


Initial thoughts from a Wizards fan on the impending Flip Saunders head coach hire.

Washington Times: Flip Saunders "a done deal"


Well, that was quick. Thanks to Mike Jones for the heads-up (got an e-mail from him after he posted that). UPDATE: More coverage from Mike Jones and from Michael Lee, who says that Flip will be bringing on Sam Cassell as an assistant.

Simple question


In light of the discussion in the last post, here's a simple poll.  

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