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Caron Butler Style Setter


Hey everyone, this is SportzWiz from WWBlog.com just thought you guys might find this entertaining on an off-day Thursday. Caron Butler was listed as one of Washingtonian Magazine's Style Setters of 2009 (October Issue)...check out a video and picture from the shoot.

No More Soda For Tuff Juice

Editor's Note: Interesting Caron Q&A from the official site. I thought he cut out soda already when he stopped drinking Mountain Dew, but apparently not. -Mike "I cut out soda this summer. I stopped drinking soda April 8th, I have been away from soda basically the whole summer."

Butler Still Not Available

"I've heard multiple rumblings in the past month that Washington has made rugged forward Caron Butler available. But our research disputes that. Teams are certainly inquiring about Butler, but sources with knowledge of the Wizards' thinking insist that it's a misstatement to say that they're shopping him. You'd figure that a team mired at 10-39 would consider moving anyone on its roster. The Wiz, though, are telling teams that they'd expect a lot in return for Butler, believing that they're poised for a jump back up the standings by keeping him and adding a high draft pick along with a new coach next season. Such a stance obviously assumes that Gilbert Arenas can make something close to a full recovery from his three knee surgeries in an 18-month span. The Wiz contend that their situation is not nearly as bleak as it appears looking at their record because they already know that they're going to be adding so much next season, but let's be blunt: How Arenas rebounds is bigger than anything else." -via Mark Stein, ESPN.com

Tuff Juice #24 in Slam Top 50


With Arenas out, Butler knows (this time a little bit ahead of time) that he will be playing the role of the man coming into the season.

Gilbert Ducks Out of Media Day


All hands on deck.....except for Gil. [UPDATE]: More from the Sports Bog..... "If healthy, we're the best team in the Eastern Conference. That's how I feel. Hands down, we're the best team in the Eastern Conference if healthy." -Caron Butler Perhaps this year's slogan should have been just a giant "IF" on a billboard.

Hoops Addict Floor Burn Tournament


Over at Hoops Addict, they are holding a Floor Burn Tournament for all those "glue guys" who do intangible dirty deeds on the court. Antonio Daniels was nominated for the Wizards and is going against Thaddeus Young in round one. Other Wizards, such as Songaila, Stevenson, and Butler come to mind as "floor burners," but it seems like AD was the best choice to represent since he's never afraid to put his body on the line, almost to a fault. But there's no question that Dominic McGuire could should be the future floor burner for the Wiz. In any case, make your way over to vote for Antonio....and don't worry, you won't have to sign up for jury duty to do so.

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