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Texans Power Rankings: Week Eleven

How do the NFL experts rank the Houston Texans?

SB Nation NFL Power Rankings

The NFL blogs will be putting together weekly power rankings. This week the 49ers finish are 11th, two spots ahead of this weekend's opponent, the Falcons.

Blogger Power Rankings

The Celts fall to #3 in the latest and the Lebrons rise to the top of the heap. Our pals at SLC Dunk (Jazz blog) host this week, conveniently in time to see their Jazz rocket to #6 in the rankings.

Blogger Power Rankings

3 Shades of Blue hosts this week with a musical theme to mix it up. The Celts came in @ 3, and that was before the loss to the Clipshow... As a caveat, there are a bunch youtube clips in here and some masked swears for those at work.

Blogger Power Rankings: Week 14

Celts are back on top of this week's rankings. My scathing comments about West making the All-Star game over Big Al shockingly didn't get published since Hornets247 is hosting this week, but here they are in unedited glory: "Enjoy BigAl's All-Star Weekend David West. You really deserve to be there. No, really you do. Seriously, have a fun time. It's fine that a 2nd banana playing off the best PG in the game gets to ride in those coat tails while Al faces double teams every night with a supporting cast that is largely comprised of a d-league all-star team."

Blogger Power Rankings, Version XIII: Change you can believe in

On a much larger scale, there was a significant milestone in this country that was made official today.  I try to leave the subject of politics alone on this site, but Barack Obama's...

Celts Now 5th(!) in Latest Blogger Power Rankings

The drop is not surprising given the slump, but 5th? Apparently this is very much a what have you done for me lately voting crowd...

Blogger Power Rankings: Week 9

The Celts remain the clear #1 in the 9th installment of the blogospheres power rankings.

Blogger Power Rankings: Week 8

The Celtics remain in the top spot in the NBA blogosphere's power rankings following another loss-less week.

Blogger Power Rankings: Week 7

Week 7 blogger power rankings, and a discussion of the Celtics dominance across other power rankings this week.

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