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Antawn Jamison heading to Miami


In a otherwise dismal year for the Wizards, this deal makes sense in that it produces tons of expiring contracts for the Wizards!

The Secret Weapon looks at Antawn Jamison's future


Kevin compares Jamison to former Nuggets star Alex English, who declined slowly by Jamison's age, but was still a very productive player for three years, albeit playing fewer minutes.

Questioning Antawn Jamison: Truth About It


Truth comes through with a real thought-provoking post about Antawn Jamison's defensive struggles and how it may complicate Flip Saunders' job next year. I don't want to sum it up too much, because you should all read it, but this raises an interesting question: just what is to be done about them? If the answer long-term is making Jamison a sixth man, as he was in Dallas, then how will he take it? Truth brings in some evidence to suggest that he may not take it as well as even he assumes. This is a key question long-term. Jamison has preached sacrifice a lot, the question is, will he live by his own words?

Jamison A Candidate!


.....For the NBA All No-Defense Team. As brought to you by Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News.

Jamison #29 in Slam Top 50


29 seems about right for a guy who is always overlooked and constantly undervalued (but not by Wizards fans).

Signing Antawn Jamison: Speculation Behind Purported Numbers


4-years, $50 million.....seems like a lot, but AJ is worth it. But what will Jamison's cap number be for next year, and how much does that leave the Wizards for Arenas and others? Ivan Carter is reporting that Grunfeld have may have reacted to a 5-year, $100 million offer from Golden State by pushing his initial offer of $100 million to $124 over 6 years. But will the Wiz have money for anyone else? The chances are looking slim......so much for pay cuts.

Could (Should) The Wizards Go After Elton Brand?


There's been a couple comments on Truth About It and on Bullets Forever pertaining to the Wizards attempting to acquire Elton Brand, who has the choice to opt of the last year of his contract just like Gilbert Arenas. Well, let's explore some hypothetical scenarios.

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