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Introducing the "Bring Kevin McHale to DC" movement


A plea for the Washington Wizards to hire Kevin McHale as a big man coach.

One Simple Rule for Andray Blatche


Why Andray Blatche needs to stop shooting so many jumpers.

Washington Wizards 124, Golden State Warriors 100


Box ScoreGame FlowPost RecapTimes RecapWizards InsiderGolden State of Mind is pissedTruth About ItSF GateDC Pro Sports ReportNice to hear from you, Wilbon Highest Plus/Minus: Antawn Jamison (+25...

Wizards Game 12 Blog vs. Golden State Warriors: New Dawn on a Project in Construction


Game Blog: Wizards Win #2!! Let the Ed Tapscott Era Begin!!

Pollin' - Who needs to buy some new "fashion" jeans?


I wanted to get this poll up before a decision was actually made, but as you can see by Jake's Fan Shot below, JaVale McGee will be starting the season on the inactive list, along with the injured...

Washington Wizards Preseason Game Blog: Cleveland Cavaliers


Game blog of the Washington Wizards 2008 preseason finale against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Community Projection/Discussion: Andray Blatche


Editor's Note: For the next eight days, we're going to discuss and predict each individual player's production this year.  This includes simpleton stats (aka per-game numbers) and the advanced ones...

Wizards v. Mavericks: Preseason Game Blog 1


WARNING: The preseason game blog below elicited immediate postings last night/this morning from all three contributors to this blog. Enjoy! I hate being a fan of this team sometimes...

Are the Wizards serious about turning Andray Blatche into a small forward


I'm late to this, but I'm curious about what everyone here thinks about Eddie Jordan issuing challenges like this to our prodigial son. Wizards coach Eddie Jordan said earlier this week he wants...

Player Evaluation: Andray Blatche


Previously: Etan Thomas Oleksiy Pecherov Dominic McGuire Nick Young Stats: Per-game: 20.4 minutes, 7.5 points, 5.2 rebounds, 1.1 assists, 1.4 turnovers, 1.4 blocks, 3.1 personal...

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