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Pollin': Detroit goes Brown


Flickr/Cave Canem So it appears that Washington's prodigal son has found himself a new home in Detroit.  At first, I have to admit that I was really surprised that Kwame could still net a 2...

Roster crunching


Assuming the Jazz don't match the Wizards' contract offer, Dee Brown becomes the 14th person on the Wizards' roster with at least a partially guaranteed contract. Why is that significant?  R...

A sad, but necessary farewell


As many of you know, I interned last summer at Comcast SportsNet.  My main job was to be their Blog Show intern, but I had the same experience other interns did, in that I logged tape, helped to...

So whadda we have to spend?


As mentioned in this FanPost, the salary cap and luxury tax figures became official last night.  For our purposes, the only number that matters is the luxury tax.  It will be at 71.15 million next...

111 million reasons to take a risk


It's been nearly three days since Gilbert Arenas re-signed, and I realize we haven't had much discussion about it, save from the initial FanShot.  That's mostly my fault; I've had trouble getting...

Surprise, surprise: Professor Hollinger doesn't like what we're doing


Sir Hollinger, you know I like you as an analyst, but I need to take issue to this: In three seasons with the trio of Arenas, Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler, the Wizards have won 43, 41 and 42...

Being "players" in free agency: Day 3 of the Gilbert Arenas watch


We're still six days away from July 9, when the salary cap and luxury tax figures officially come out.  That means we're still six days away from Gilbert Arenas presumably signing the dotted line...

"The ball is in his court now:" Day 2 of the Gilbert Arenas watch


More and more, it's looking like there's no way Gilbert Arenas is taking that Golden State offer.  Ivan's story today says "it did not appear yesterday that Arenas was seriously contemplating the...

How things change: Day 1 of the Gilbert Arenas watch


UPDATE, 9:04 p.m.: Mike Jones provides some great insights in his latest blog post.  It turns out Gilbert's trip to China is actually the first leg of his journey.  In the second leg, he's going to...

Unnecessary urgency


If all the latest reports are to be believed, it might be a matter of hours before Gilbert Arenas gets the fat new contract he's been seeking since last summer.  Ivan Carter (first link) says he...

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