Quality Shots

Things Beal likes more than deep dish pizza

The list is quite long!

Giving credit to Martell Webster

Last summer, when Webster said the Wizards had their sights set on the five-seed in the East, people called him crazy. Who's crazy now?

A history of Wizards being hit by basketballs

As you'd expect, it's a little longer than the history of most teams being hit by basketballs.

Al Harrington wants the Wizards to make the playoffs more than you do

Al Harrington posted this picture on his Instagram last night of his daughter covering his eyes while he got two shots "to keep on fighting thru this season." Say what you want about the Wizards' veteran bench, but they're not just there to collect one last paycheck before they retire.

Most Wizards player in team history

Everyone's making brackets this time of year, so we decided to put together a tournament to figure out which player best represents the Wizards era.

Wall wants to wear throwbacks

He also admitted that "Bullets" isn't happening.

Ideas for Verizon Center's home playoff games

It's been a few years since the Wizards have hosted a playoff game, so we have some ideas on how to create the perfect atmosphere this spring.

WizGear review: The tribal tattoo sleeve

Tattoos have been one of the most controversial topics for the Wizards in recent years. But will this product offer the ideal compromise for proponents and detractors alike?

Adidas unveils new Cherry Blossom shoe for Wall

Nothing says Washington D.C. quite like the budding, pink blossoms of a tree.


Arenas & Young play H-O-R-S-E on kid hoop

Lots of swag and quality shots here.

Farewell to the NBA's Tobias Funke

Looking back at Jan Vesely's time in D.C., it's clear that he was the basketball version of one of Arrested Development's funniest characters.

Reviewing the Wall Star shoe

Handsome or Hideous? Festive or Frightful? Tasteful or Toxic? We answer these alliterative questions and more in this week's WizGear Review of John Wall's inaugural All-Star shoe, the Crazyquick 2.

Dunk suggestions for John Wall

We've got some ideas on how John Wall can use his athleticism to make sure he wins the Dunk Contest this year.

Here is John Wall's All-Star shoe


Blatche & McGee reuniting?

According to a new report, the former Wizard teammates could reunite for...the FIBA World Cup?

Riley watches Wizards crush Heat

The Heat's president probably could have chosen a better road game to attend.

Gortat helping Porter bulk up

As Otto Porter tries to adjust to the NBA game, he's turned to the Polish Machine help add some muscle.

Marcin Gortat: Vampire?


Marcin Gortat on slowing down Al Jefferson: "It's more fun stopping him. When you play good defense for two or three seconds, he doesn't want to get anymore and I want to punch him even more. It's more fun. When you feel blood, when you smell blood, you're doing a good job, you want to hit people even more. That's how I felt out there."


Don't misidentify Martell

Otherwise, this will happen. (Via Reddit)

Martell Webster on male-pattern baldness

Really hope Chris Miller's feature with Martell Webster, MarTELL IT LIKE IT IS, becomes a weekly, if not daily, thing.

Arenas praises Wizards, Wall on Instagram

After a less than ideal ending to his time in Washington, it looks like Gilbert Arenas is ready to move on and focus on the good times he had as a Washington Wizard.

Steve Buckhantz has joined Twitter

If you've been holding out on joining Twitter, you're out of excuses now.

Q&A: 'Bernie and Ernie' director talks to BF

The director of the The Fab Five is back with a new documentary focusing on the relationship between college teammates Ernie Grunfeld and Bernard King. We caught up with him before tonight's airing.

Exposing Bradley Beal's RECKLESS hat claims

As the Cardinals get ready for the World Series, St. Louis native Bradley Beal is making sure everyone knows who he is rooting for on the diamond. But did he exaggerate his claim about only showing love for his home city?

Imagining John Wall's 'Playoff' shoes

John Wall won't have any problems trying to remember his goal for the season when he takes a look at his shoes.

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