Quality Shots

Random Washington Wizards miscellany.

Wizards unveil new, blue alternate jersey


The Wizards will have an alternate jersey in 2014-15. Better yet, it won't have sleeves!

Stephen A. Smith keeps #KD2DC hope alive


By all accounts, Kevin Durant isn't interested in leaving Oklahoma City, but if he did, the Wizards would be at the top of list of places to go, according to Smith.

Gortat dons appropriate attire at Summer League


The Wizards' center wore an interesting shirt, then gave a brief interview with NBATV where he explained his decision to re-sign with the Wizards.

Trevor Ariza's free agent decision, set to R.Kelly


In times of uncertainty, sometimes the best way to express your emotions is through song.

This picture is why Gortat should be paid


The answer is very simple, and it involves an armored vehicle.

The history of unused Wizard draft picks


The 2014 draft wasn't the first time the Wizards haven't used a draft pick. Let's look back at some of the other times the Wizards either sold or didn't use their draft picks.

The totally serious case for drafting Sim Bhullar


He may not be near the top of the mock drafts, but Sim Bhullar is the top pick on our #SoWizards Big Board.

Beal wants to make ECF next season


Obviously, the Wizards want to build on last season's success, but can they adjust if they improve without advancing further in the playoffs?

Are teams tampering with Booker and Seraphin?


Maybe! But unfortunately, we'll never be able to prove it.

Martell's Summer Jobs!


Between scooping ice cream and broadcasting basketball, Martell Webster's part-time job count continues to climb. Here are five more jobs Webster should consider adding to his resume this summer.


Beal buying his family a house


Nothing says "thank you for helping me become a NBA player" like a new house.

Wittman promised the Wiz a dunk for beating Bulls


Time to pay up, Randy.

Wiz celebrate Game 1 win with BIG breakfast


What takes longer than the average NBA playoff game? The average Wizards breakfast.

The Wizards' conflict with Lady Gaga


Game 6 of the Wizards-Pacers series is scheduled the same night Lady Gaga is supposed to play at the Verizon Center. Who should have to reschedule? We have some thoughts.

Our recruiting pitch to Kevin Durant


We hear things are getting tense in Oklahoma City. Kevin, it's time to come home.

Things Beal likes more than deep dish pizza


The list is quite long!

Giving credit to Martell Webster


Last summer, when Webster said the Wizards had their sights set on the five-seed in the East, people called him crazy. Who's crazy now?

A history of Wizards being hit by basketballs


As you'd expect, it's a little longer than the history of most teams being hit by basketballs.

Al Harrington wants the Wizards to make the playoffs more than you do


Al Harrington posted this picture on his Instagram last night of his daughter covering his eyes while he got two shots "to keep on fighting thru this season." Say what you want about the Wizards' veteran bench, but they're not just there to collect one last paycheck before they retire.

Most Wizards player in team history


Everyone's making brackets this time of year, so we decided to put together a tournament to figure out which player best represents the Wizards era.

Wall wants to wear throwbacks


He also admitted that "Bullets" isn't happening.

Ideas for Verizon Center's home playoff games


It's been a few years since the Wizards have hosted a playoff game, so we have some ideas on how to create the perfect atmosphere this spring.

WizGear review: The tribal tattoo sleeve


Tattoos have been one of the most controversial topics for the Wizards in recent years. But will this product offer the ideal compromise for proponents and detractors alike?

Adidas unveils new Cherry Blossom shoe for Wall


Nothing says Washington D.C. quite like the budding, pink blossoms of a tree.

Arenas & Young play H-O-R-S-E on kid hoop


Lots of swag and quality shots here.

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