NBA Free Agency

No need to pick up player options

Take note, Wizards fans. Declining the team option on a player isn't saying goodbye.

Who's available in 2014?

The Wizards want to be in the position to pursue a "marquee, brand-name free agent" in the near future. Who could be available in 2014?

Did the Wizards use their resources well?

Now that the Wizards' roster stands at 15 players, did they use their available exceptions well in free agency?

All aboard! Wizards leaving rebuild behind

The franchise narrative is finally changing.

What to expect from Al Harrington

The Washington Wizards just signed journeyman combo forward Al Harrington. What does the former member of the Pacers, Warriors, Knicks, Nuggets and Magic bring to the table?

Harrington says he eyed Wizards last season

The veteran forward essentially confirmed that he will be signing with the Wizards, saying he eyed the franchise as early as last season.

Harrington arriving for physical Tuesday

The veteran forward will come to town on Tuesday for a physical, and if all goes according to plan, a contract for one year and the veteran's minimum will be signed thereafter.

Report: Wiz about to sign Harrington

The Washington Wizards are reportedly close to agreeing to a deal with veteran free-agent forward Al Harrington, a Stretch 4 that has played in 48 playoff games.

What's still out there?

A look at what the Wizards have left to spend and what options are out there in free agency and on the trade market.


Investing now to invest later

The Wizards believe that spending money now on John Wall will help them win battles to spend money on top free agents. Is that the right strategy in a capped league?

Blair, rumored Wiz target, signs with Mavs

A Dan Fegan client the Wizards reportedly expressed interest in signing chose a different team for the same price the Wizards could have offered. Bummer.

The importance of signing Maynor

Wizards fans were looking, or maybe just hoping, for more bang in free agency than re-signing Martell Webster and hitting the bargain bin for a backup point. As usual, the Wizards front-office made a quiet move in line with the Ten Point Plan.

Important John Wall max contract considerations

There are some relevant discussion points when thinking about John Wall getting a max contract, but there are others that you'll hear that don't mean diddly squat. We consider which is which in this piece.

The frontcourt flotsam problem

The Wizards lack frontcourt depth, and it's all thanks to the struggles of Chris Singleton, Jan Vesely and Trevor Booker.

Will the Wizards surpass the Big 3 era in 2013-14?

Take a closer look at what's coming down the pike this season, and you'll see that this question isn't academic at all.

Wizards interested in Nate Robinson?

Could the Wizards bring in Nate Robinson for some scoring punch off the bench?

Is Washington pursuing Dejuan Blair?

Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that the Washington Wizards have shown interest in the San Antonio Spurs' Dejuan Blair.

Grunfeld: 'We're ready to go to training camp'

In a press conference with reporters, Ernie Grunfeld suggested that he'd be fine if the 14 players on the Wizards' roster right now were the ones they took into training camp.

Webster: Pelicans showed 'big-time' interest

The Wizards' small forward revealed six teams other than the Washington Wizards that were interested in signing him, adding that the New Orleans Pelicans in particular were hot after him.

Maynor: 'I didn't want to be waiting'

Eric Maynor talked for the first time about why he agreed to a contract with the Wizards on the first day of free agency.

Trading Ariza may be harder than you think

The Wizards' depth at small forward has an obvious solution, but applying it while pulling an appreciable asset is easier said than done.

Wittman on offseason: 'We're not done'

Prior to the Wizards summer fest on Tuesday, head coach Randy Wittman went on the Lavar and Dukes radio show on 106.7 the fan and discussed possible roster moves, summer league, and expectations moving forward.

Webster dishes on free agency, Porter, hair

The Washington Wizards' forward gave his first interview since agreeing to a four-year, $22 million contract to stay with the Wizards.

How does Maynor stack up?

What's a backup point guard really worth these days? Is Eric Maynor good enough?

Comparing Martell's contract to others signed

How does Martell Webster's new contract compare to some of the other signed this summer?

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