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Do the Wizards have too many big men?


It's a weird thing to say, but have the Wizards loaded up on their frontcourt too much at the expense of other positions?

Seraphin signs $3.8M qualifying offer


The fourth-year big man will return for at least one more season.

Temple signs 2-year deal to remain in D.C.


After considering his options in free agency, Garrett Temple is back in D.C., signing a two-year deal.

Who can round out the end of the bench?


With Washington using their remaining cap space on the likes of Kris Humphries and DeJuan Blair, they'll need to fill out the end of the bench with players that can be had cheap. Here's a few of...

You've changed, Wizards


Who are you and what have you done with my poorly-managed team?

Wizards acquire DeJuan Blair


Washington continues to add to their front court, this time striking a deal with the Dallas Mavericks for forward DeJuan Blair.

Booker: Wizards' offer 'not close' to Jazz's


The former Wizard suggested that his old team didn't really want to keep him.

Gooden re-signs for vet minimum


A deal that seemed destined from the beginning finally appears to be done.

Wiz acquire Kris Humphries


The Wizards moved quickly to compensate for the loss of Trevor Booker, signing Boston big man Kris Humphries to what essentially is a two-year deal.

Booker signs with Jazz


The Wizards have lost their backup power forward.


Stephen A. Smith keeps #KD2DC hope alive


By all accounts, Kevin Durant isn't interested in leaving Oklahoma City, but if he did, the Wizards would be at the top of list of places to go, according to Smith.

Blair deal not yet done, according to report


The Wizards' signing of the Dallas big man isn't quite finished yet and may not get done.

Wiz on verge of acquiring Blair in sign and trade


Washington's frontcourt will get a boost if the deal is done.

Nets reportedly didn't make Pierce an offer


The Nets were too concerned about their huge luxury-tax bill to give Pierce a competitive offer, which is why he left.

With Pierce signing, Wittman's now under pressure


With Paul Pierce signing with the Wizards, the pieces are in place for Washington to make it back to the playoffs. The pressure is now firmly on Randy Wittman to make it al work.

Signing Pierce accomplishes many goals at once


The Wizards stunned the basketball world by getting Paul Pierce, and it was a great move because it serves multiple purposes.



Nope, didn't take long for the Wizards to overcome the loss of Trevor Ariza. Instead, they will sign Paul Pierce to a two-year deal for the mid-level exception.

Why did Ariza leave?


There's plenty of unanswered question surrounding Trevor Ariza's decision to sign with the Houston Rockets in free agency. We attempt to get to the bottom of it.

Ariza signs with Rockets


The Wizards' starting small forward is gone for four years and $32 million, much less than expected.

Report: Ariza in serious talks with the Rockets


Houston is trying to get Ariza, but they are also mulling over whether they should match Chandler Parson's offer sheet with the Dallas Mavericks. Either way, it appears that he may not be in D.C....

Ariza situation still far from resolved


Just when we thought this would be resolved ... nope, not yet, not even after LeBron James signed in Cleveland.

Details of Gortat's contract structure revealed


The Wizards will do the standard thing and have Gortat's contract escalate as it moves on rather than decline or stay flat.

Gortat confident he'll age well


The Wizards were able to formally announce Marcin Gortat's 5 year extension today. Here's a few highlights from his press conference.

Wittman, Beal, & Porter comment on Gortat signing


The Wizards have officially announced that they re-signed the Polish Hammer to a five-year, $60 million deal. Here is what Randy Wittman, Bradley Beal, and Otto Porter said about it.

Ariza asking for $12M, Wiz want him for $9M


The standoff between the Wizards and Trevor Ariza continues. The Wizards want to keep him, but not for the price Ariza is currently seeking.

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