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Are the Wizards coming apart?

Frustration clouded the locker room after a disappointing loss to the Bobcats on Wednesday night.

Snapping out of it

Bradley Beal is out of his shooting slump just when the Wizards need him most.

Q&A: Gortat talks shop about the pick and roll

We sit down with Marcin Gortat to talk about how he's helped John Wall improve as a pick and roll player.

A first for an NBA lifer

Randy Wittman, like his team, has not sniffed the postseason as a head coach. On the night his Wizards finally got back to the NBA's second season, he was in an unusually reflective mood.

Stevens has high praise for Ariza

Before Wednesday's game against the Wizards, Celtics coach Brad Stevens laid on some heavy praise for Trevor Ariza.

Focus and Intensity

With a packed house and a playoff-laden atmosphere, the Wizards delivered one of their most convincing wins of the season against one of the league's best teams.

Why are the Wizards 'mentally weak?'

A lack of intensity doomed the Washington Wizards when they lost to the Phoenix Suns at home. Why does this keep happening? Perhaps it's far bigger than the players.

Drew Gooden's great statement

While the Wizards made a statement to the entire league Saturday night, Drew Gooden was busy making one of his own.

Professor Miller has paid off so far

Andre Miller was brought to Washington to rejuvenate the Wizards' abysmal second unit. So far, he's done just that.

We try to dunk off a trampoline

What happens when unathletic people try to be athletic?


Wittman: 'We're not a good team'

After his team's latest dispiriting loss, Washington Wizards coach Randy Wittman said he has" to try something different" to get his players to take every game seriously.

How the D got its groove back

Scheme changes? A new rotation? Easier matchups? It might be even simpler than that.

Acing an early KD audition

John Wall and the Wizards put on quite the show for Kevin Durant and the Thunder in a game one could view as an audition for KD in 2016.

Wall All-Star, Martell's hat and Kevin Durant

Did you hear the news? John Wall is an NBA All-Star. Here is a report from him and his teammates and coach talking about it. They also talk about Kevin Durant. Martell Webster also does awesome stuff.

'Never unlace your shoes'

The starters built a 20-point cushion and an opportunity to rest during garbage time, but the bench let the lead fritter away. So, the starters had to come back in and take care of business.

A panic-free zone

While Nene's emphatic block was the perfect end to this gritty game, this game really changed during a two minute and 32-second stretch of the third quarter.

The Wiz-dom of the crowd

Seven years to the day that Gilbert Arenas hit one of the most stunning game winners in Washington history, the Wizards demolished the Miami Heat. The game was good. The crowd was better.

Ariza played with a 102-degree fever

Trevor Ariza had to guard LeBron James with a 102 degree fever. He also pulled a Hot Rod Strickland and vomited on the sidelines during the game.

Establishing an identity

With the Wizards responding to a blowout loss against the Timberwolves with a blowout win over the Pistons, one has to ask: which Wizards team can we expect on a given night?

The neverending Nene dilemma

The Wizards need Nene to win games. Nene does so many things to help the Wizards win games. But the Wizards also need Nene healthy.

Beal knew what was coming

What the heck happened on that Bradley Beal game-winner? The Wizards players take you through the play.

Deconstructing the late-game breakdowns

The Washington Wizards blew a one point lead with less than a minute left in their 75-74 loss to the Denver Nuggets. Despite multiple chances to secure a win, the Wizards lost their second game in a row. Here's what went wrong.

'Somebody has to become a leader'

Despite the injuries to Nene and Martell Webster, the Washington Wizards didn't lose to the Milwaukee Bucks because of how they finished it. They lost because of how they started.

'We are not satisfied'

While fans are right to celebrate the Wizards' wins milestone, the players know that this is only the beginning.

This is The Leap

John Wall added a jump shot to his repertoire last year and began to look unguardable. Is this the year that he finally realizes his potential as a pure point guard?

The search for balance

Finding an equilibrium between being aggressive while also making defenses pay for not respecting his perimeter shot has been difficult for John Wall in the four-year career. Was Tuesday's win over the Timberwolves a turning point?

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