Wittman agrees with BF that we shouldn't be popping champagne just yet


We still have not accomplished anything. We’ve won two games; you have to win four. That’s the mental edge that I want our guys to keep. There are people talking about what we’ve done in the first two games, but we have not accomplished anything in this series yet.

H/T: The Post's DC Sports Bog

Wiz going for red/white/blue scheme for home games


We’ll help with the wardrobe by distributing red-white-and-blue T-shirts created by CustomInk courtesy of GEICO that will create three distinct sections of Verizon Center. Sunday’s game will feature a rally towel giveaway, which is courtesy of GEICO, our presenting partner for the first round.

Ted Leonsis. I believe WizardsXtra came up with the idea.

Rice recalled from D-League


Washington Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld announced today that guard Glen Rice has been recalled from the Iowa Energy of the NBA Development League. Rice will be with the team for tonight’s game vs. Chicago.

Press release.

Wittman on mid-range shots


"So you’re saying that a 15-foot open look is not good? "You take open shots. You take open shots. Where they are is dictated by what the defense does. If you predicate what kind of shot you’re going to take not based on what you’re doing reading the defense, you’re not going to get good shots. I just worry about goods shots. You know what? Those numbers you can stick… alright? You know, all you analytical people that take that… You take good shots, that’s the most important thing. Maybe we’re not taking good midrange shots, maybe we’re taking contested ones. I understand the numbers are there for a reason, we look at the numbers, but to sit there and… We got a good, open shot we’re taking, I don’t care where it is."

A great question posed by Kyle Weidie. Not sure what I think of this answer.

Wall on Kyrie


"It’s always tough [facing Kyrie]," Wall said following the game. "Everybody wants to know who is the best young point guard and who’s the best guy in the Eastern Conference. We both do things great for our team. He’s probably a better offensive guy, skill-wise, and can basically take over games with his skills. I’m more of a point guard that likes to get his teammates involved and am blessed with the talents and abilities to get hot and able to score the ball. Guys look at every time we play as a marquee matchup, so everybody is going to be tuned in for the next couple of years."

Via excellent Cleveland sports site Waiting For Next Year.

Great news


And perhaps the best news came when Wall said that his mother, Frances Pulley, is out of the hospital. "She's doing alright. They're still keeping an eye on her," he said. "She was able to go home today,"

CSN Washington.

Wittman downplays being over .500


"Everybody’s kind of making a big deal [that] we’re over .500," Wittman told LaVar and Dukes on 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday afternoon. "Holy crap. Let’s hope that’s not something we’re celebrating here. I want it to be something bigger than that. I want these guys to understand not so much we got over the hump, but why did we get over the hump, and how did we get over the hump, and how do we stay over the hump?

Via D.C. Sports Bog

LeBron on accusations that he's been coasting this season


With two days off this weekend and a refreshing visit to the White House on Tuesday, James promises we'll see a different James against the 17-19 Washington Wizards. "We'll see Wednesday how I'm coasting," James said jokingly as he made his way into the Heat locker room on Monday. "You'll see the numbers I'll put up on Wednesday. Just watch."

Is LeBron James coasting? - Insider. Remember this when LeBron scores 54 tonight.

Why is atlanta ahead of toronto in the standings?


While Toronto is currently a division lead (and not atlanta) tks guys

GRJR on the origin of his injury


"I might’ve bumped it or something [while celebrating] after the game, but that wasn’t why" the injury occurred, Rice said. "I don’t know. Just wear and tear probably. It’s been bothering me, since before the game and it just got to the point I couldn’t take it anymore. It got tender, right after the game. Walking back in the locker room, I had more pain than usual. I said, ‘It’s starting to hurt, again, a little more.’ "

Michael Lee of the Washington Post.
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