Washington Post hires new Wizards beat writer


Castillo is the former Yankees beat writer for the Newark Star-Ledger. Here's an archive of his work.

I just got season tickets!


Section 210. Hray! Anybody else?

Looks like Vesely's headed to Turkey

TAI's Lukas Kuba, the NBA's resident Czech basketball expert, is reporting that Jan Vesely's time in the NBA is done (for now). He's headed to Turkey to play with Fenerbahçe. I saw some Turkish sports websites reporting the same information, but I have zero clue which ones are reputable and which one aren't. And I know he's not a Wizard anymore, but I figured people here would want to know. Bye Jan! Good luck overseas!

Ersan for the trade exception?


Ilyasovas's value is as low as it will ever be. We should jump on this.

Report: John Wall not expected to be on the Team USA roster


Trevor Ariza talked to Pat Riley and the Miami Heat last Thursday


Booker drawing plenty of interest


Wizards pre-season game vs Charlotte Oct 10


Game is being played in Greenville, SC. Probably not worth the road trip from the DC area, but if there are any Wizards fans down that way here's your chance to see a local game.

David Aldridge Says the Wizards should Pursue Chris Bosh


"Bosh would be the perfect four to play next to either Gortat or Nene, and give the Wizards a three-man big man rotation that would rival anyone's. Bosh had to be a floor spacer in Miami, adding 3-pointers to his arsenal, and that would continue to be part of his role in D.C. But Bosh would also be able to once again be the low-post scorer he was in Toronto, with both Nene and Gortat able to step out and make jumpers. A Wall-Bosh screen and roll would be a nightmare for opposing defenses. Bosh's presence would open up the floor for either Wall or Beal, and he was easily Miami's best post defender the last couple of seasons. Last season, he trailed only James for the team lead in Defensive Win Shares."

Wittman heading to L.A. to meet with Ariza


Ed Tapscott will join him. Tommy Sheppard is staying in Poland to talk with Marcin Gortat, according to Michael Lee.

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