Agent Zeroisms

Discussing long-term burning questions surrounding our own fandom


I know, I know, convoluted, confusing title.  Sorry about that. But it's become clear (not surprising) that we've kind of beaten the same points on the Arenas/Crittenton incident over and over...

Mike Wise: Javaris Crittenton had a gun, loaded it and cocked it


Mike Wise unearths some stunning new details on the incident between Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton.   According to two first-hand accounts of the confrontation, Crittenton responded to...

Gilbert Arenas suspended indefinitely by David Stern (Updating constantly)


Maybe the whole pre-game display from last night pissed off David Stern, because he has brought the hammer down on Gilbert Arenas pretty quickly. Stern just announced that Arenas will be suspended...

Gilbert Arenas and his lawyers release a statement on the gun issue


Via Michael Lee, here's the full text of statement Gilbert Arenas' lawyers and Arenas himself made after meeting with the grand jury today.   First, Arenas' lawyer Kenneth L. Wainstean wrote this: "...

The Wizards should part ways with Gilbert Arenas, but Arenas doesn't deserve an all-out character assassination


When I think of Gilbert Arenas, I'm reminded of Mike Miller's pet phrase.  It's one he uses every time he doesn't feel like thinking about an answer to a tough question or every time he knows that...

Trying to make sense of the Gilbert Arenas/Javaris Crittenton incident


As expected, there's a lot of information flying out about whatever happened between Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton.  I'm having trouble making sense of it all, but here's my attempt to try: ...

More updates on the Gilbert Arenas gun story


From David Aldridge's article about the Gilbert Arenas gun incident on, we get some additional information.Again, I'd like to stress that Gilbert Arenas has not been charged with any crime,...

Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton pulled guns on each other? Allow me to figuratively hang myself (UPDATED WITH ARENAS REACTION)


Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton reportedly pulled guns on each other, and this Wizards fan is stunned beyond belief.

Ken Berger: Wizards say Gilbert Arenas stored unloaded firearms in a locked box in his locker, no ammunition (UPDATED WITH GILBERT'S STATEMENT)


Well then.  Ken Berger of CBS Sportsline tweets this news. #Wizards statement: Arenas stored unloaded firearms in locked box, w/o ammo, in his locker. He and team cooperating with authorities.  T...

The Death and Rebirth of Agent Zero


Gilbert Arenas has gone from zany entertainer, to silence and back again. Is there a method to his madness?

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