Washington Wizards Miscellany

The Glass is Always Half-Full: A Q&A with Bobtimist Prime of DC Optimist


[Ed. Note - I know that the timing of this is a might seem a little odd coming off the big win last night, but trust me, you'll still enjoy this. -Jake] If you've read this site for a while,...

Random thoughts on the 2008-09 NBA season


Maybe I'm alone in this, but I am excited about this season.  Sure, I'm not as thrilled about the Wizards' role in it as I was a month ago, but I'm still excited.  The league is deeper than it's...

We need a new word


So I caught a little grief about saying Nick Young dunked "on" Fabricio Oberto.  That's fair.  On indeed means on and it should be reserved for when there's clear contact between the dunker and the...

Nick Young is......The Red Rooster


Nick Young of the Washington Wizards has yet another nickname.....The Red Rooster.

Not every campaign ends on Election Day


Remember last year when Bullets Forever and Mister Irrelevant campaigned to get Nick Young in the Slam Dunk Contest?  Well, the campaign is back again this year and this time around we've got an...

Confessions of a Wizards blogger


The latest rash of injuries has gotten me thinking about what we can do in the future to prevent this from happening.  The only logical conclustion that I can come to is that somehow we've offended...

Movie Review: Second Chance Season


As was mentioned on Wednesday night, ESPN2 aired Second Chance Season, a documentary based on Nick Young's senior year in high school.  However, this documentary isn't your typical follow the...

Open Thread: Verizon Center/USAir Arena Memories


If you're a connoisseur of the NBA blogosphere, then you know that today is NBA Stadiums Blog Day, where bloggers share their favorite memories from their favorite NBA venues. As someone who's...

He might lack playing experience, but the man knows how to work the camera


JaVale McGee is a rare specimen.  We all know this.  You just don't see guys with 7-6 wingspans and 3 point range walking down the street every day.  Of course, we don't know yet if he'll be able...

This Week In Bullets/Wizards Franchise History


The dog days of late summer in Washington, DC can be slow going news-wise for the local NBA franchise. The good news for Washingtonians is that these current days of late August have been less...

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