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What can fans do to help the Wizards win on the road?


We all know the Wizards sit at 0-20 on the road, but what's the rational reason? There can be only one.

Wishes for the New Year: Video Game Edition


A humerus [sic] wish list for the Washington Wiz in the waning year. Video games, zeppelins, and pro basketball; what's not to like?

JaVale McGee Rating Has Been Adjusted Accordingly


I know we have more important things to discuss with training camp having begun in earnest, but the outrage of a community and one player has forced a wrong to be righted. JaVale McGee's NBA 2K11...

JaVale McGee Is Not Pleased With His NBA 2K11 Rating


The ratings for NBA2K11 have been released, and many of the rankings have left both fans and players confused. Probably the most egregious sin in the eyes of Wizards fans is that JaVale McGee has...

Introducing another deal from SB Nation Team Pick


Remember how I talked about SB Nation's new Team Pick initiative, where we offer special deals for all sorts of goods and services to our loyal readers?  If you didn't sign up then, you might enjoy...

Yes, I know this is premature, but ...


... us haters are gonna hate, and us Wizards fans need this for our own sanity. What the heck was that performance tonight?

GREAT NEWS! Ted Leonsis agrees on price to purchase the Wizards


Ted Leonsis has agreed on a price to buy the Wizards, which is great, great news.

All-Star Game Open Thread


After a wildly unpredictable All-Star weekend, we come to the final night of All-Star weekend, which will determine which conference has the best players and who will win the Bullets Forever...

All-Star Saturday Night Open Thread


If you enjoy the athleticism, skill, and flair of the National Basketball Association, tonight is your night.   Tonight may lack a truly competitive element, but tonight can help shape the careers...

Audio and quick thoughts: Abe Pollin memorial ceremony


So I attended yesterday's Abe Pollin memorial service at the Verizon Center yesterday.  It was certainly a very interesting and moving ceremony, and it certainly wasn't what I expected.  The lights...

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