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Happy July 4!

I took a bit of a break over the holiday weekend, which explains the lack of posting.  But while I'm here, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy July 4.  I hope you all are spending time with...

NBA Lockout 2011 Links: Frown Face

All the lockout links you need are right here.  And now, I'm depressed. Most pertinent to the Wizards: how does the lockout affect their free-agent situation. [Michael Katz, SB Nation D.C.] M...

Bullets Forever 'Be the GM' Contest Winner

Bullets Forever "Be the GM" Contest Winner announcement. Screw the draft, THIS is what you've REALLY been waiting for.


It's official: the NBA lockout is upon us.  Via Ken Berger of CBS Sports: BREAKING: Owners have informed players they are locking out. #NBA #lockout So the day is finally here.  The good news:...

On David Stern's latest lockout proposal

I don't admit to being an expert on this lockout stuff (I'm learning), but Tom Ziller is, so this is a must-read. Other stuff: Craig Stouffer talks to Mo Evans, the Wizards' player rep.

Andray Blatche going on a charity mission to Jamaica

Along with a bunch of NBA NFL players. Good for Dray.


Vesely's Translated Euroleague Stats

According to a feature Hollinger wrote in 2009: On average, switching from the Euroleague to the NBA does the following to a player's pace-adjusted per-minute stats: Scoring rate decreases 25...

A Brief Look At The Wizards' Salary-Cap Situation

Since it became a topic of discussion in the last thread, here's a look at the Wizards' salary-cap situation for next year.  There's obviously a lot of caveats because of the new Collective...

Anticipating The 'Unintended Consequences' Of The Washington Wizards' 2011 NBA Draft

Social scientists introduced the concept of unintended consequences. When a change is introduced in a complex system, often unexpected outcomes, both positive and negative, will result. With that...

Wizards waiting for D-League reassignment

They're waiting on which team will be assigned to them after the Warriors bought Dakota. Ernie Grunfeld says it'll likely be Iowa.

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