Only 3 SF will sign a 2 year contract. RJ is our starting SF this year

Let's start with the 9 SF's who are good, but won't sign a 2 year deal. Lebron, Melo, Deng, Parsons, Hayward, Ariza, Turner, Marvin Williams and Tucker.

For Durant in 2016 it's got to be a 2 year deal. These 9 players will demand a 3-4 year deal and will want to get Paid. This will make our roster at small forward X, Porter and Webster. If that's the case we can't add a maxed out Durant. We would have around 35 million in one position and every team would have the upper hand in a trade knowing we would be desperate to unload one or 2 players to clear cap space.

Lets do this right now so we don't have to clean up mistakes next summer.

There is a very simple solution:

Paul Pierce plays offense. Marion plays defense. Richard Jefferson plays both. RJ is 34 while Marion is 36 and Pierce will be 37 before the season starts. Pierce is going to have a huge drop off so I would stay away from him. If we can't get RJ then Matrix it is. I don't know if Marion will be able to jump over paper at 38 so I'm pushing for RJ.

RJ shot the 3 a tad better than Ariza with no PG for half the season. The other half with a scoring rookie PG. His 40% from 3 would probably only go up playing with Wall, Beal, Nene and Gortat. Also I like the way RJ fakes the 3 and drives. He still can throw down tomahawk jams in peoples faces at 34 Haven't seen that since Caron left.. At just 27 minutes he averaged 10 points. Instead of paying Ariza 10 million we could pay RJ half that much. Look at his youtube highlights last year. This man can still fly and Dunk on everybody. He's like a taller Vince Carter with better D.

Forget the first 9 guys I listed because half of them have huge bust potential when it comes to earning their contract. On top of that KD will hands down be the better player compared to anyone on that list. So I say we go for the best. Until then we can use a combination of wings. Beal, Rice, RJ, Porter and Webster. Lets grab Kris Humphries rebounding and 16 footers with the other half we save from not paying Ariza. The way injuries usually go in DC. I guess Webster won't play till the second half of the season. Hopefully he will be a shot in the arm and not a flop. Rice and Porter Must improve for the Wizards to advance further in the playoffs. If those 2 don't step up we will need to address the bench scoring at the trade deadline. As long as the young guys continue to get better we should be good. Because Webster is out I say we also add Caron to the team as well. I rather have RJ, Butler, Humphries and Future Financial Flexibility then just have an expensive Ariza.






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