For Durant: Sign and Trade Ariza/Webster for Barnes/Crawford/Dudley

Ariza was awesome last year. Problem is he probably won't be awesome in 4 years and he would block us from getting KD in 2016. What is the con we lose the best player in the trade. That's 1 big con. Let's see the pros.

1) Still get a 3 and D guy in Barnes who plays hard and does not give up layups or dunks.

2) Get Jamal Crawford to backup both Wall or Beal and can start if one of them gets injured. At the end of all 4 quarters if the wiz have the ball he is in the game to try a 4 point play. Hahaha. Instant offense should play well with the high IQ Andre Miller.

3: Get rid of Webster and his horrendous D. He is the worst defender on the team since Arenas and Jamison. Jamison will probably always hold the title of worst defender in Washington. Dudley is not very good but his contract is shorter than webster's. Next summer we can use Dudley's contract as an expiring in a trade whereas now we are stuck with Webster, horribe contract, his inuries, bad dribbling and Bad defense.

4) Clear cap space so in 2016 Durant comes home to Maryland.

Talk about Win Win

Clippers get the best player in the trade and can pair Ariza with Paul and Blake during their prime. Also get a sharpshooter from 3 in Webster who Chris Paul can set up. Webster can take pressure off of Blake a little. Clippers get to unload Dudley. Clippers have to do a sign and trade to upgrade their small forward position since they have already spent so much money. Ariza is the best SF in the 9-10 million dollar range.

As for the Wizards we upgrade the bench and still have Barnes who is 80% of Ariza. This is way better than Porter starting. If Porter improves throughout the year then we can drop Barnes for next year and trade Dudley's expiring. If Porter continues to be a bust then we can keep Barnes 1 more year. This would be a ton of flexibility moving forward next year and the year after. Bench is MUCH improved compared to the start of last year. 4 out of 5 positions upgraded. 5 out of 5 if Booker improves.




nene/Booker or MLE/Vet min or Harrington


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