ernie still sucks.

Seriously this fool hasn't done 1 thing right. I'm talking about a plus 1. anything that looks good he messed up earlier. I am still looking for a plus 1.

EG transgressions Draft

2004-Devin Harris, Peter John Ramos

2005-Andray Blatche

2006-Percherov, veremenko

2007-Nick Young, Mcguire

2008-Mcgee, Walker

2009-jermaine Taylor

2010-wall, lazar hayward, nemanja belica

2011-vesely, singleton, mack

2012-beal, satoransky



I mean its unbelievable 2006 pecherov, then the 3 dumbest players in blatche, mcgee, and young. lowest iq basketball team of all time not for 1 or 2, but minimum 5 years straight. Traded 2009 1st round pick for junk. drafted vesely at 6, instead of kawhai leonard. took satoransky and can't bring him over. drafted porter instead of noel.

Now the parlay of moves that absolutely continued to kill us. 6 years 111 million to arenas with a busted knee. Instead of trying to make this contract end earlier by giving up a pick and or player to entice someone to take him. ernie doubles down on stupidity and trades him for rashard lewis who has an additional year of 23 million. Why in the world??? Next this dummy ruins my team by trading lewis and a pick for okariza which extends the 23 million another year. Really he did do this again. I mean seriously somebody how stupid can 1 gm be. Insanity definition keep doing dumb things over and over again when it don't work. these 3 moves cost us almost a decade of losing.

1) Wall and Beal every gm would have picked. Give this foo no, none, 0 credit for our 2 best players.

2) paying okariza 23 million and giving up a pick are -2. getting gortat makes it -1.

3) paying mcgee is -1. getting nene makes it 0

4) blatche contract

5) webster contract

6) maynor mini contract

7) arenas contract so bad mention again

EG gives out bad contracts and drafts bad players. Thats an F in EG's only 2 subjects. Fire him after the season because he will try to mess up what has fallen into his lap. I don't trust him next summer or moving forward.

if you like the wiz protect this miracle team. get someone in hear that will make the team go up and not down.

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