The Wizards can find a rotation player in the second round of the 2014 NBA Draft


Picking at No. 46 doesn't usually yield much of a return, but this draft is deep and Washington has open roster spots to acquire useful prospects that fall too far.

The No. 46 pick in the draft generally does not yield a player that can contribute right away. Teams in that range often select anonymous international players (or, increasingly, American college players willing to go to Europe) that can be stashed overseas for years.

But it can be done. As Brandon Parker of the Washington Post noted, Danny Green and Jeff Hornacek were No. 46 picks. And as Mark Deeks noted on the mothership today, Ernie Grunfeld, for whatever reason, has experienced more success picking late in the second round than higher in the lottery, and this is a deep class.

For those reasons, I think the Wizards should try to find someone that can help right away. Keep in mind that the Wizards only have six players under contract right now. Andre Miller, should the Wizards guarantee his contract, makes seven. Even if Marcin Gortat and Trevor Ariza both stay, we're talking about four roster spots minimum that need to be filled. This is not a situation where a draft-and-stash like Tomas Satoransky is necessary because there is no room on the roster. The Wizards may still go that route, even with an American college player, but they don't need to.

I haven't studied this draft a ton, so I don't have a huge preference on who gets taken, though I'm intrigued by Cory Jefferson. Umair has his favorites and he'll note them shortly. But I think this is a unique opportunity to find someone that can at least replace one of Kevin Seraphin, Chris Singleton or even Trevor Booker on the roster. You can find a contributor in this draft.


  • Read Umair on JeffersonMarkel Brown, Jarnell StokesPatric Young and Russ Smith.
  • A bunch of great resources from the mothership as you prepare for the draft, including mock drafts, primers on key questions you surely are asking and more.
  • A list of players the Wizards have worked out. Jefferson and Ohio State's LaQuinton Ross came in twice.
  • Finally, below is Tyler Lashbrook's big board. Tyler's our draft guru and has studied these guys inside and out. If you're curious if the Wizards got a steal, check that big board and see where he ends up.

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