How to build a championship your the GM

2003- 2004 Larry Brown

2004- 2005 Gregg Popovich

2005-2006 Pat Riley

2006-2007 Gregg Popovich

2007-2008 Doc Rivers

2008-2009 Phil Jackson

2010-2011 Phil Jackson

2010-2011 Rick Carlisle

2011-2012 Eric Spolestra

2012-2013 Eric Spolestra

2013-2014 Greg Popovich

The Wizards are on the wrong side of the tide in this regard . In the past 10 seasons with the exception of Spolestra, only future Hall of famer coaches have won the title . Spolestra being the exception of having "The Big 3 superstars" .

Non hall of famer coaches to get a shot

Stan Vangundy vs the Phil Jackson in 2009.

Scott Brooks vs Eric Spolestra in 2012.

Mike Brown vs Greg Popovich in 2007

Wizards current coach : Randy Wittman

team progress vs star progress

2003-2004 Detroit Pistons Team Progress

Team beat the stars in this finals . The lakers had two superstars in Kobe and Shaq but was ousted by a team that new their roles on the basketball court .

Finals MVP Chauncey Billups

2004-2005 SA Spurs Team Progress

Team vs Team as the spurs pulled away from the pistons . A defensive finals

Finals MVP : Tim Duncan

2005-2006 Miami Heat Star Progress

Star team beat a less impressive team . The mavericks had Dirk and the rest were role players . Wade and Shaq was too much for the mavs

Finals MVP : D Wade

2006-2007 SA Spurs Team Progress

Basically beat a one man team in lebron James . Cleveland had shooters around lebron and defense but nobody else to create on that team . The spurs were to experienced and too deep

Finals MVP: Tony Parker

2007-2008 Boston Celtics Team Progress

this team had former stars but they moved the ball like a well rounded team . They had role players who knew their jobs and didn't get out of character to knock off the MVP Kobe Bryant star progress team

Finals MVP : Paul Pierce

2008-2009 Lakers Team Progress ?

of course they had Kobe I want to say star power but lets not forget Pau, Ariza , Bynum . They were huge and they played like a team over the Orlando magic who had team play but it wasn't like you think . They shot a lot of 3s and worked around star Howard

Finals MVP : Kobe Bryant

2009-2010 Lakers Team Progress

this time beating a great team in the celtics .

Finals MVP : Kobe Bryant

2010-2011 Mavericks Team Progress

Mavs return a few years later with a TEAM to beat the big 3 stars

Finals MVP : Dirk

2011-2012 Heat Star Progress/team progress

I add this because battier , and miller were a huge reason why they succeeded over star Kevin Durant and company . The big 3 got a lot of help from the 3 point line with these guys

Finals MVP Lebron James

2012-2013 Same as last

The big 3 takeout a complete team again with help from cole and Ray Allen .

Finals MVP : lebron

2013-2014 Spurs team progress

Finals MVP : Leonard

this spurs was great top to bottom and Lebron just couldn't get the help he needed .

With the exception of the Miami Heat in the past 10 years the better TEAM won the finals

My Opinion : the Wizards were the deepest team in the Eastern Conference this year . Most teams shortened the rotation to 7-8 . Wittman had the luxury of going 10 deep sometimes . It got to the point where he had to make a decision Booker ? Harrington ? Gooden ? The bad news is these are agin guys and won't be around 2 years from now but by not adding a mega star and building with wall and beal you can afford to fill In role players . So should the Wizards really chase the big names or keep their own ?

Can wall lead this team to a championship and be the finals MVP

in my opinion : yes he can . He has to limit turnovers , he has to be a 2 way player , and has to knock down the open shot at a high percentage

is beal the perfect side kick ?

in my opinion : yes . Beal would be the best shooter in the NBA soon . This year playoffs showed his passing and creating skills . Perfect compliment to wall.

Who is the coach that can get this team to the next level ? Do you need a future HOF coach ? Can it be Wittman ?

the biggest question .

Who can be the #3 guy to compliment these 2. Monroe ? Can the player be drafted ?

I want to hear your opinion that can get this team a championship based on the last 10 years . Most are going to say KD ! Can this team be a star powered team and beat the odds like Miami or do they need role players like the pistons / spurs

your the GM ! You have WALL and BEAL and 5 Years to win it all. What do you do starting this offseason

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