Otto Porter's Off-season Priorities


Our beloved number 3 pick had a very rough first year. In fact, 47% of members here gave him an F for his season grade. Regardless, many of us still have hope that he will become a contributor and maybe even a very good player in the future. Partly because his college basketball experience has shown that he is capable of significant improvement, however, he also has a unique build which suggests he could be a very versatile player. In order to maximize his potential, Otto has many things to work on this summer. Here are the most important.

Work On His Body Daily

Otto posses extremely long arms and legs. Unfortunately, they look like they belong to a scrawny pre-pubescent boy. Getting bigger is arguably his biggest priority this summer. There were encouraging reports that he was working in the weight room during the season with Marcin. Those must continue in addition to him working on his own time. If I'm Otto, I'm jumping rope whenever I can (he looked a little awkward with his movements on the court at times). His jump shot is very smooth so I am optimistic he can be too. Also, his vertical quickness won't improve greatly, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't try. Every day he needs to be doing ladders, defensive slide drills, etc. Otto's body has a long way to go, we can't expect him to be LBJ next season (or ever), but he must be stronger on more fluid when pre-season rolls around.

Ball Handling/Isolation Moves

Otto will never be our primary ball handler. However, it could never hurt for him to get a little tighter with the rock. Hopefully he'll come into summer league and pre-season displaying some moves that can get him to the cup or enough separation for a pull-up jumper. I would be ecstatic if Otto showed a little bit of an iso game this season. Otto has the length to be able to shoot over most SF's in this league. He just needs to learn to use it. IMO, Otto's absolute ceiling as an offensive player is to become a Paul Pierce lite. Paul isn't very tall, strong, or athletic, however, he simply knows how to put the ball in the hoop.He knows how to use his bod and positioning better than anybody I have seen play. Otto should watch a lot of video of Pierce's offensive moves. Otto definitely has a good mid-range game, much like Pierce. Hopefully one day Otto will be a great 3rd scoring option, but it must start here in the off-season.

Shot Preparation

My lofty expectations for Otto in the previous paragraph aren't truly expected next season. Next season most of us want to see him be able to knock down his 3's. As someone who played HS basketball and got on the floor because of my shooting ability, I cannot emphasize enough how important shot preparation is. It is the difference between getting your jump shot blocked, or not even getting it off in the first place. Not only does it help you get your shot off quicker, there is less room for error in your motion if your arms and legs are already down and set and you just need to go straight up. Hell, we've seen what better shot preparation has done for Trevor Ariza's shot.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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