Alternative suggestion for our free agent wish list?

With all the recent success so far it has been really exciting to think about all the star free agents we could try sign in the future. However realistic, we have heard/read about names like Greg Monroe, Chris Bosh, Kevin Durant etc. I prefer some over others but all are relatively fine by me.

KD would be ideal, or would he?

Don't get me wrong, he would be the best player for us to get at the moment but he isn't available until 2016. As people have suggested already what we really need is a star big man. By 2016, if our current starting bigs are on the team they will be old. Trevor Booker will still be perfectly fine but ideally I see him as the third big in the teams rotation. I quite like his energy, hustle and all the rest of it. Anyway, I agree we need to have a balanced team. It is clearly working for us in these playoffs.

If Otto Porter can develop into a capable starter by 2016 (I believe he can) then I suggest we go after a star big man in 2016. The player I have in mind won't be easy to pry away but would be an excellent fit into the team. Great at the pick and roll, developing mid range game, shot blocker and all around stud. Most importantly he is a team player and should be hitting his prime around the same time as our young core of Wall, Beal & Porter.

The issues would be is that I'm pretty certain he would deserve a max contract and he would be a restricted free agent. But if the organisation and players, Wall especially, start their recruiting early or now then maybe we could have a chance. He is in the west currently, surely he would have a much better chance at success in the east. If people can get into his ear and make him want to join our team above all else by the time it comes to decision time I would be doing all I could to get him in our uniform besides trading away Wall, Beal and Porter.

It is a pipe dream but so is KD is he not?

The player I am suggesting we lobby for until he is available is Anthony Davis

Not ruling out KD, this would just give us another player to try sign and give us a bigger chance at landing one of them hopefully.

Curious to read others thoughts on this....

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