is lebron our starting small forward next year? if no why

1) Well there are so many ways this can play out starting with not signing ariza or gortat and offering the max to lebron. Why would Lebron not take it to come play with Nene Beal and Wall? Somebody tell me why.

2) Well now a lot of us are thinking if we can sign Durant in 2016 we could win several championships. So lets explore one of these options. We could give ariza around 40 million for 4 years. By doing this we know we would need to trade ariza in 2 years if we are able to land durant. I can't see paying ariza that much to back up beal and durant or trying to move durant to the 4 full time.

Ariza has been awesome and people talk about center being a big need but i disagree. I think what we do with the small forward position this summer could determine how many championships we get with beal and wall over the next 10 years.

This is tearing me up because losing ariza to anyone not named lebron or durant is tough. He is the best defensive SF in the league and in a lot of ways a perfect compliment player to play with our 3 headed monster of beal, wall and nene. We might need to give him the 4 years and just make changes on the fly if we land kd.

3) But the other option is to try and land another top small forward who is older and would sign a 2 year contract. Let's see the list it's not very long. Pierce and Marion is all that's out there. Pierce scores Marion plays D and rebounds. Melo, Gay, Deng and evan turner will want longer contracts. Granger is not good anymore.

So people what do you all want

1) Go after Lebron

2) Sign Ariza for 4 years and try to dump him after 2 for KD

3) Sign either Pierce or Marion

Personally I want option 2 and try to win before KD comes, but if we get KD together with beal and Wall I'm thinking dynasty.

The more I think about it though if lebron wants rings staying in the east would be best for him. If he looks at Miami and Washington I'm sure he's thinking washington is the better team if he removes himself. Of the 8 playoff teams I think if lebron studies every team he might be calling wall and beal to try to be a wizard. Yes washington believe this we give lebron the best chance to win more rings. we could snap our fingers the next 4 years and be in the finals.

Seriously people you heard it here first lebron is going to be a wizard within a few months.

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