3 Teams, 2 Trades, 1 Signing: Wizards, Rockets, Pacers

I was kinda checking out Indy Cornrows and looking at some of their members' trade proposals as the Pacers' season goes down the tubes (unfortunately, I really wanted them to beat the Heat.) Anyway, as an outsider I didn't reallly see a single proposal from their members that made a whole lot of sense. Now obviously, again, I'm an outsider and don't have the connection to their roster as they do. Anywho, I started toying around with the Trade Machine and landed on a combo that is perhaps a bit more creative even if just as unlikely:

Indiana trades David West and George Hill to Houston for Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin.

Then they trade Roy Hibbert to Washington for Nene.

(Washington then does NOT re-sign Marcin Gortat and Trevor Ariza and instead signs Greg Monroe.)

Believe it or not, the Georgetown connection of Hibbert, Monroe and Porter (and Leonsis) was an afterthought but at the same tiime...why not? We know how all Georgetown players stay connected with each other after they've left the school. Maybe playing together, in DC, would inspire all three to step up their game. In addition to that the Wizards get younger without necessarily taking a step back.

Indiana does it to infuse some new blood. Nene may not be the enforcer that West is -- nor as durable -- but he's every bit the leader and could lend some stability to their volatile locker room. I'd imagine, also, that his dominance of Joakim Noah can't be overlooked since the Bulls are their chief division rivals. Asik is a much better rebounder than Hibbert even if he may not score as much although you can say the same about Hibbert himself. Lin would be a more dynamic point guard than Hill and while they'd take a hit defensively, I think offensively they'd be a bit more potent.

Houston does it to add toughness to their front court and an experienced defensive-minded point guard who's not really ball-dominant to pair with The Beard.

Wizards Line-up
PG John Wall
SG Bradley Beal
C Roy Hibbert
SF Otto Porter
PF Greg Monroe

Pacers Line-up
PG Jeremy Lin
SG Lance Stephenson (unless he signs elsewhere)
C Omer Asik
SF Paul George
PF Nene

Rockets Line-up
PG George Hill
SG James Harden
C Dwight Howard
SF Chandler Parsons
PF David West

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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