2nd round pick...Instant rotational player...James

This draft is super deep. Especially deep on guards. 35 guards or small forwards will be taken before it gets to us. 2 young players at a position is not a good idea. We have Wall and Beal so I don't want another young guard. We need contribution today unlike what we got from Otto. Miller and Webster will do for now as backup guards. We need to upgrade the 5th guard position over Temple. Hopefully Rice can show us something next year.

On to small forward we have a logjam there. Also we will probably go for bron or melo this summer. If we don't land an upgrade than we stick with ariza knowing we will be in on the KD sweepstakes. We would drop Webster in 16-17 and let ariza take over the backup 2 and 3, or trade ariza if we found a good trade.

So that covers 1, 2 and 3.

Our PF and C position could use this 2nd round pick the most. So we had Nene, Gortat, Seraphin, Booker, Gooden and Harrington. The only person under contract is Nene. We need some help here. Seraphin and Harrington are simply not top 10 players on a playoff team so let them walk. We should sign Gooden on the cheap, something like the vet min. Also we should see if we can get booker for under 3M a year. The big question is which way do we go with gortat.

1) bron or melo come to town and then sign 2 veteran centers for around the min or 2) resign Ariza and Gortat. Our SF and C positions are locked together like white on rice. We need to make sure both are taken care of.

With the 46th pick we need to draft a top 10 rotational player who can contribute from day 1. He used to be considered a lottery pick. He does the dirty work that Booker did. I say we need to go for James Mcadoo. Looking at all of the PF and C available in the 2nd round they are mostly projects. He is ranked the 10th best big man in the whole draft. He can grab offensive rebounds and he has more basketball skill than most Bigs including Booker.

We won't be giving him time he does not deserve. He will help the team 15 minutes a game with solid play. He's not 19. He will be 22 in January. The depth would be more solid. Salary wise 3rd PG/SG/SF/PF/C, Gooden and Mcadoo would all be about 1M. a year. Beal, Miller, Webster and Porter would all be around 5M. Nene and Wall are at 13M. Gortat and Ariza 10M each. This adds up to 73M. We still have 2M to spare since the cap went up 5M for next year. I say we invest that in the 4 or the 5 3rd string. It is almost the same players names as last year but with Wall, Beal, Porter and Rice being 1 year older they should improve. Nene and Miller might decline but not as much as the first 4 get better. Also adding an NBA ready Mcadoo with a high IQ can only help. This team is good enough to beat everyone. The chemistry was good last year and it should only get better next.

Wall / Miller / Temple Upgrade

Beal / Webster / Rice

Ariza / Porter / Singleton Upgrade

Nene / Mcadoo / Harrington Upgrade

Gortat / Gooden / Seraphin Upgrade

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