The Case for Change

John Wall and Bradley Beal are hungry and want to return to the playoffs every year. We, the fan base, should be hungry too … and place pressure on management to significantly upgrade and get key FA talent that is part of the 10 point plan. There has been a lot cited in the Washington Post and other media outlets about simply resigning and bringing back the team and Wittman. That doesn’t feel like "hungry", that feels like risk aversion or missing a great opportunity. Here are the top 10 reasons for change:

1. 1) The Wizards identity of defense and transition oriented attack is necessary but not sufficient for becoming an authentic contender. Offensive efficiency is a key ingredient that we lack. While Wall and Beal’s advancement in offensive efficiency, especially in pick and roll, is part of that, we still need an upgrade / offensive threat that prevent opponents from just keying in on Wall and Beal.

2. 2) We need to be a good half court team. Authentic contenders, Spurs, Heat, OKC, all create in the half court.

3. 3) See things for what they are, part 1. The Wizards would not have made the playoffs if we were in the Western conference.

4. 4) See things for what they are, part 2. The Wizards would not have breezed through the first round of playoffs if Chicago wasn’t such a pathetically offensive team.

5. 5) See things for what they are, part 3. The Wizards don’t have a "go to" finisher yet in the fourth. If opposing defenses key in on Beal its going to be hard for him to carry all the water, all the time. Hence our losing record in overtime games.

6. 6) Big 3 is a proven formula (Wall, Beal and ?), Spurs have it and the Heat have it.

7. 7) Porter and Rice are potentials and key for future franchise growth but are role players at best.

8. 8) Our track record for developing young talent (Vesely, Booker, Seraphin) is not league best.

9. 9) Our track record for value contracts (Blatche) is not league best.

10. 10) We have cap space now. We need a transformative talent that takes us to the next level.


This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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