Potential Cheap Free Agents Pickups

We found out today that the Wizards would like to bring back both Ariza and Gortat. I am find with this. Ariza has arguably been the Wizards most consistent player and people forget he was quite good the previous year when he wasn't injured. Not to mention Ariza is a monster on the boards for a small forward. The Wall/Gortat pick n roll can only improve next season. Gortat is a much better defender and seems to be a good leader/teammate which matters. If this does happen the Wizards will need to make some inexpensive free agent signings likely. Here are some options i would like them to pursue in no particular order.

Mike Scott- Is a restricted free agent with the Hawks. A lot of people here want Patrick Patterson. Mike Scott could be a much cheaper option as a stretch 4. He averaged nearly 10 points of the Hawks bench this season. I remember watching him a lot at UVA. He is not as proven or likely as good as Patrick Patterson, but if the Wizards can't sign Patterson then Scott would be a nice fall back option.

Nate Robinson- Unrestricted- Yes he is coming off a down and injury ridden season. However this is the kind of explosive combo guard the Wizards missed last season. He is a much better playmaker than he used to be and could be had for the cheap.

Steve Blake-Unrestricted- He was originally drafted by the Wizards. Depending on if the Wizards buyout Miller's last year, Blake would be a nice backup PG option. He is capable of running a offense well and is a good three point shooter. One of the more underrated PGs in the league. He is also capable of playing the 2 in some situations.

Jermaine O'Neal- Unrestricted- I know he is old and well past his prime. However, he is still a very effective defensive player and rebounder. He could really help out our big man rotation and could be had quite cheap.

Ryan Hollins-Unrestricted- I always liked his ability to run the floor and block shots. Could be had really cheap. The Wizards could really use a bench shot blocking presence.

Jordan Hill- Unrestricted- Is a human energizer bunny. A really good defender and rebounder. He is an elite offensive rebounder and can run the floor.

Channing Frye-Unrestricted- Classic stretch 4. Underrated defender and can block shots. I wanted him in a Wizards uniform for a long time

Patrick Patterson- Restricted- The best option the Wizards can get at the stretch 4. Played with Wall in college.

Grevis Vasquez-Restricted- This may be a homer pick. However, the year before last he was third in the league in assists per game. Can play either the 1 or 2. Good three point shooter, good slasher, and well above rebounder for a guard.

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