2007-2008 wizards vs 2013-2014 wizards

Starting 5 for 07-08

pg Gilbert Arenas

sg Deshawn Stevenson

sf Caron Butler

pf Antwan Jamison

c Brendan Haywood

2nd unit

Point Guard: Antonio Daniels

Shooting Guard: Nick Young

Small Foward: Dominic McGuire

Power Foward: Darius Songalia

Center : Andray Blatche


Point Guard: John Wall

Shooting Guard: Bradley Beal

Small Foward: Trevor Ariza

Power Foward: nene

Center: Marcin Gortat

Point Guard: Andre Miller

Shooting Guard: Martell Webster / Garrett Temple

Small Forward : Al Harrington / Otto Porter

PowerForward : Drew Gooden / Trevor Booker

Center : Kevin Seraphin

key match up

wall vs arenas

wall could win the transition battle if the game goes fast paced.

arenas could win the half court battle by catching a screen from Jamison , not using it and pulling up for 30 feet

wall and arenas will struggle to guard each other . In the half court arenas could get wall gambling a lot and end up shooting a lot of freethrows on him

wall will also struggle to find arenas in transition defense giving up quick 3s

but wall will draw arenas in some turnovers and feeding his teammates more .


deshawn Stevenson vs bradley beal

Stevenson tough defender and could get hot from the 3 point line but he couldn't afford to take a possession off while guarding beal . Even when beal can't find a rhythm from 3 he has gotten pretty good at the dribble hand off pull up or pick and roll pocket pass . Deshawn Stevenson not a shot creator for himself

ADVANTAGE Bradley Beal

caron butler vs Trevor Ariza

two tough players .

Ariza playing the passing lane will force the ball out of butlers hands more than he likes but once Caron does get it that step back jumper is deadly from the baseline but Caron will get caught sleeping on help defense leaving lord Ariza hitting a few 3s but Caron butler will grab 10 rebounds and have 6 assist to go along with his tough play that will frustrate Ariza

ADVANTAGE Caron Butler

Nene vs Jamison

an unorthodox match up that will leave long stares at the refs or removing of the mouth piece to scream whoaaa to the refs . Jamison will frustrate nene by making pick and pop 3s and making a few floaters plus a few tip ins but nene will post Jamison and get him into foul trouble but miss the free throws


Haywood vs Gortat

Haywood has problems guarding stocky big men they tend to move him from his shot blocking ability . Gortats sweeping hook will do wonders on gortat . Gortat defensively will leave his man to contest arenas lay ups which will allow Haywood strong put backs . Gortat is to strong for Haywood an any other aspect tho

advantage Gortat

2nd unit vs 2nd unit

old school vs old school in Daniels vs miller . Neither takes a lot of jumpshots but millers post game too much for him

Webster better shooter than young nick

McGuire vs Harrington uncle al gets the best of him and so would young porter

drew gooden well we know from his Cleveland days

My opinion

Final score 2014 team 108 2007 team 103

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