A thought exercise regarding John Wall and the Wizard's future

So I just recently watched the Bad Boys 30 for 30 documentary and thought about past NBA champions which made me think of something a little disturbing. There have been very few teams that have won a championship with a star PG as their best player.

You could argue Tony Parker during his Finals MVP campaign, but he happened to be playing with one of the best big men of all time. You could argue Billups on the 04 Pistons, but I would counter that team won as a team and not due to any one player. None of the Lakers, Spurs, Bulls and Rockets of the 90s had a star PG leading their team as a first or even second best player.

It seems to me that the last definitive star PG to lead his team to a championship was Isiah Thomas. Before that Magic would have to count, but he was also a 6'9" freak of nature playing point and as great as John Wall may ever get, I don't think Magic Johnson-a top 5 to 10 player of all time is within his ceiling.

So we are looking at 20+ years of evidence that a star PG being the teams best player will almost never get all the way to the promised land. Jason Kidd was able to lead the Nets to two Finals as the best player on his team, but they got swept and lost in 6. Chris Paul has never even been to the conference finals. Steve Nash never made it to the Finals. John Stockton made it two finals but also had one of the better Forwards of all time on his team when he did that. Gary Payton made it to one too. I'm not sure if you consider him or Kemp the best player on that team, and either way, MJ happened. In 93 Kevin Johnson was clearly second fiddle to Barkley, and again MJ happened.

We all talk about wanting to compete for championships, as should be the goal of every franchise and fan base. So my question to you BF community, is what do the Wizards need to get to that level? Outside of two of the three greatest wing players of all time in LeBron & MJ, it has more or less been a requirement that you have an elite big on your team to win (04 Pistons are debatable I understand, but Wallace & Wallace may have combined to equal 1 elite big that season). Conversely, the front court positions are no longer being played like they used to be played. There are seemingly less elite bigs in the league now than ever (and many of those that remain are decidedly older).

I wonder, where are we if we lose out on the eventual Kevin Durant (or to a lesser extent Love) sweepstakes? Can Wall buck history and do what surefire hall of famers were unable to do? Will the league change enough that we can compete without an elite big? Will Beal become an elite enough wing scorer-a la Wade in 06? Can we find & sign the next elite big (though it looks like Anthony Davis and Andre Drummond will be untouchable for the foreseeable future)?

Let me know your thoughts.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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