Bulls vs. Wizards, NBA Playoffs 2014 prediction roundup: Most people picking Chicago

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Here are as many predictions for Bulls-Wizards that I could find.

One day away, y'all. Here are as many outside predictions on this series as I could find on the web. Please add any one that I missed:


Bill Simmons: Wizards win, make Eastern Conference Finals:

"On top of it for Washington -- the Gortat and Nene combo -- at least you know that they're not gonna totally be pushed around by those guys. I think Washington can play fast, run and push the pace. Beal is a bad match up for Chicago, and Washington has dudes that's been in games, you know? Ariza's won a title, Al Harrington has been in a bunch of big games, the Professor! What happens to Chicago when The Professor decides he wants to work some of his magic down in the low post on little short point guards?"

Zach Lowe: Bulls in 6.

Chicago has been using a playoff rotation for months - a seven-man system, with cameos from Nazr Mohammed and Tony Snell. D.J. Augustin has been the Bulls' savior, and the Wiz have been sloppy tracking him around picks - especially in Chicago's road drubbing of Washington earlier this month.

Augustin's a defensive liability himself. He'll have trouble dealing with Wall's power-speed combination and Prof. Andre Miller's post game, and Thibodeau has sometimes stashed him away from the ball on safer covers like Martell Webster.

The Wiz have the toolbox to win this series, but it will be tough, and Chicago has been the stronger team since the Luol Deng trade.

SBNation.com: All but Amin pick the Bulls. I have Bulls in 7. Full site predictions tomorrow.

ESPN Experts: All pick Bulls except Michael Wallace.

ESPN Insider: Two Bulls in 6 picks.

NBA.com: Not a prediction, but an amazing Andre Miller stat in here from John Schuhmann.

CBS Sports: Bulls in 6.

ESPN 5 on 5: Bulls in 6 (four people), Wizards in 6 (Kyle Weidie).

Ball Don't Lie: Bulls in 6.

Sports Illustrated: Bulls in 7.

The Starters, NBATV: Bulls in 7 (Tas), Bulls in 7 (Leigh), Wizards in 6 (Skeets).

NBC Sports' Pro Basketball Talk: Bulls in 6.

CSN Washington: Wizards in 7 (J Michael), Wizards in 6 (Ben Standig).

Truth About It: Several Wizards picks.

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