Congrats all! Good to be a Wiz-fan...Breaking down the Bulls series...

Just wanna say its been (seemingly)forever since we had something to cheer here in DC.. We had RGIII in his rookie season and it brought a whole lot of optimism only to be shot down unpleasantly last year. Anyway...

Looking forward to the Bulls series i see us at a great disadvantage: Bulls have a top-tier coach and strategist whose defense will suffocate our average offense. I dont think strategist and Randy Whitman can coincide, but im willing to hope they do. If the Bulls are gonna have trouble scoring i hope we dont get dragged down with them, this is when Walls creating and drives are gonna be essential.

If John Walls the guy we hope he is (top 3 pg), he's gonna have to take over this series for us. That and our 3pt shooters have to come through to open up the driving lanes for Wall. I don't see Gortat having much of a net gain for us in this series. I do see Nene having an impact especially as a post-playmaker. I hope fatigue is a major problem for Chicago, the way their coach rides them hard every singe game.

Looking at the individual matchups:

Wall vs Augustin/Hinrich: Wall should do a good job of making it difficult for DJ, who is oddly the Bulls leading scorer. I think Wall wins this matchup handily and embarrasses DJ offensively. Hinrich might bother Wall defensively and will probably be put on him if Wall gets hot and DJ isnt scoring. This is Walls matchup to dominate on both sides.

Beal vs Butler: i see Beal having a net 0 effect. He''s gonna be locked down by Butler. Butler doesnt score much anyway and is a bad shooter.

Ariza vs Dunleavy: Ariza is gonna have to go into "playing-for-my-contract" mode like he was at the beginning of the season. He was blazing hot from downtown. Ariza is gonna ball on both sides of the court, hes a savvy veteran and knows ur name/$ is made in the playoffs. Huge net gain for Wiz here.

Nene vs BOOzer: (fyi, I Hate BOOzer, since he was a dukie versus our Terrapins and sold out Lebron) Not sure what to expect with this matchup. It all depends on how effective Nene is and how much he plays. If Nene is at the top of his game for the entire series, i expect him to be a net gain for the Wiz. If not, Boozer is gonna be allowed to run amok. He will probably be depended on to be the go-to-guy for Chicago. Taj Gibson here also scares me. I think this is gonna be Chicago's biggest strength along with Noah on the post.

Gortat vs Noah: Chicagos strong point, net gain for Chicago. I think Gortat is good enough defensively to give Noah some problems. We also play pretty good team defense when we want, which should antagonize Noah making plays from the post. If Chicago wants to win Noah's gotta get it done on both sides of the court. its a tall order but its the playoffs, the game slows down- favoring Noah and the Bulls as a whole. Our transition offense might be negated by Noah.

Dc Bench vs. Chicago Bench: Id like to say advantage us. Especially with the way Booker has looked recently and Websters ability to step in at the 2 or 3 and make 3's. Also the Professor doing what he does in a series where the opposing guard wont break his ankles and get him tired. Add to the fact that Chicago only plays 8 guys whereas we go about 10-11 deep. And its not like this series is gonna be a run up and down the court fast paced game so we might not even play all 11 of them (if Whitman is smart). I dont think Booker or Harrington(seriously washed-up) are gonna be good for us, but Gooden will be. Miller will play alot. And i hope Webster comes out of his semi-funk hes been in these past few games, Its playoff time Webster!, time to earn that contract!

If DC and Chicago are both at the top of their games, in theory, on paper, DC should win this in 6-7 games. In theory and on paper that is, according to talent. But Chicago has a champions resolve (Noah,Thibs) and theres no way to quantify that variable.

Your guys thoughts on the series? Strategy we should employ?

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