Magical Pixels, Wizards vs. Trail Blazers: Porrtland outshoots John Wall

John Wall took 10 threes last night, but it wasn't enough to keep up with the blazing Blazers, who took 35 threes and made 40 percent of them.

Beating the Trail Blazers in their building would have been a tall task had the Wizards had Nene in their lineup, so a loss wasn't exactly the most surprising outcome after Washington also lost Marcin Gortat to a back injury suffered during pregame warmups.

Still, it was dispiriting to see the Wizards play well in the first half, go into halftime down only two, and then get throttled in the third quarter (when have we heard that before?) on the way to convincing 116-103 defeat.

On the bright side, John Wall made five threes (on 10 attempts) as part of a 24-point, 14-assist night, and Drew Gooden continued to ball out off the bench, scoring 18 points and grabbing nine rebounds in only 26 minutes of playing time. Bradley Beal scored 18 points, but he needed 18 shots to do it.

On the other bright side, Washington now gets to play the retched Lakers, and even with Gortat questionable and Steve Nash expected to be back for L.A., the Wizards should win this one. They remain one game back of the Nets for the five-seed, and luckily the Bobcats have also lost two straight and remain 2.5 games back of the sixth-seed. Let's get this one, Wizards.


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Game highlights

Postgame interviews: Randy WittmanJohn WallBradley BealDrew GoodenKevin Seraphin


35 - Threes attempted by the Blazers against Washington. They made 14 of those attempts (40 percent).

10 - Threes attempted by Wall against the Blazers. He made five of them. What world is this?

32 - Assists recorded by Portland against Washington. The Blazers shot 50.6 percent, so it's safe to say they didn't encounter much resistance from the Wizards' defense.



I can't stop watching this. (H/T Umair)


Who's ready for Kendall Marshall to drop 50 points and 35 assists on us tomorrow night?


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