What's with the blatant opponent favoritism on CSN??

I'm getting pretty tired of the clear bias toward the opponent in CSN Wizards broadcasts. I don't expect or want blatant blind homerism in my home team TV coverage. Some objective balance where the celebration of our team's positives is balanced by appropriate criticism when we mess up and acknowledgement when the other team does something particularly well is welcome and makes for good coverage, but lets be clear I'm a Wizards fan watching the Wizards broadcast of my team - so I get pretty freakin' hot when all the highlights focus on the other team!

Take last night's Wizards - Magic game for example. Admittedly not the best played game by the Wizards, but we had 4 players with double doubles in a hard fought OT win - seems like there should be some Wizard highlights that we could see - apparently not!

Early in the 2nd quarter - The "NBA fast break points" highlights??? A series of 3 Orlando highlights!

End of the 2nd quarter - The "KFC How do you Defensive Play"??? A Magic highlight showing an Oladipo steal and score - he had 2 points when they showed this - so the highlight they showed was the only scoring play he had so far in the game!

Halftime GEICO highlights - actually a reasonable balance of 3 Wizard highlights followed by 3 for the Magic - appropriate for a back and forth 44-41 game to that point.

Start of the 4th quarter - The " Making a Difference Player Profile" - calling out Ariza's 21-11 night? Wall's 21-11? Gortat with 19 and 14? or even Booker's hard nosed 11-11? Nope - the Magic's Afflalo - called out because he had 16 points at that point in the game - really??

Part way into the 4th quarter - the "It's Miller time" highlight - another Magic highlight!! An Oladipo drive and layup!

10 seconds left in regulation - after the Wizards had just fought hard to tie up the game on the back of two John Wall 3s - a Wall highlight or even a general Wizards one perhaps? Of course not! The "Honda drive of the game" featuring an Afflalo score.

This is not an isolated deal happening only in this one game - it's a consistent pattern I've seen thru the whole season. I'm honestly at a loss to explain this clear bias against the Wizards and in favor of the other team. These are company sponsored highlights in most cases...shown on a Wizards broadcast to a mostly Wizards fan audience. Do they really think I'm more likely to buy the product showing me a highlight of the other team?? If I was an executive with any of these companies I would not be the owner of the Wizards, Ted Leonsis can't be a marketing person with Monumental Sports I'd be pretty unhappy...and clearly as a Wizards fan I'm not either!


This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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