The Miseducation of Bradley Beal

More and more I am watching Beal struggle this year and more and more I'm beginning to think Beal is what he is and they should stop tinkering.

At #3 overall, ideally you want much more than just a spot up shooter but this experiment is hurting the team in the short term and I don't believe its worth it because I don't think it will pay off in the long run. Not saying it WON'T payoff, I'm saying I'm not seeing enough positive evidence to suggest it will.

Beal clearly doesn't have the handle necessary to take a defender off the dribble and get into the lane. He also hasn't demonstrated the speed or quickness necessary to attack closeouts. Really, a shooter of his caliber shouldn't have to do much to get by a defender that is furiously closing out on his shot and is out of position. Nonetheless we wind up, all to often, with Beal taking a couple dribbles as the defender seemingly instantaneously recovers. Contested 2s are never a good shot imo (unless you are Dirk, Aldridge, CP3 or Durant in which case take them anytime you please) but if Beal had someone like Jeremy Lamb's measurements (6'5, 6'11 wingspan) it would lessen the blow.

Speaking of Lamb (sorry to beat this drum), this is another reason I don't like how Beal is being used. Wizards think they drafted Lamb. Lamb has always shown the ability to catch and shoot midrange off screens and is currently hitting 2s at a 49% clip. Beal? 41%. Despite this, he is still taking 11 of these shots per game?!!!?! This is where you need to know your personnel. Needless to say 41% is not good, unless we are talking 3pt% which is what Beal's happens to be. Why not simplify the game and let Beal have a Danny Green type role? It would maximize his talent and enhance the teams offense. Give him 2 options:

1) Spot up from 3 or run him off screens, if you have daylight, fire at will (at 41% there would be no objections)

2) If you have no space, try to attack the closeout with a basic drive and if nothing is there just kick it back out.

All the ring around rosie, dribble handoff, force feed bullshit is hard to watch and is not good basketball imo. I don't see how this is contributing to his development and it always results in Beal taking a shot he is not proficient at while being contested a majority of the time.

We have shown concern over the developments of almost every prospect drafted by the Wizards and I believe there will be a growing cause for concern sooner than later for the young Beal if things keep developing as they are.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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