Magical Pixels, Wizards vs. Raptors: Goodness, what a game

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

In the best basketball game any of us have seen in some time, the Wizards avoided a season sweep at the hands of the Raptors with a 134-129 triple-overtime win that saw John Wall dominate down the stretch.

Is everyone still hyperventilating? Good, me too.

Wow. It's impossible to overstate how big that win was for the Wizards. Not only did it come in triple overtime against a Raptors squad that had already defeated them thrice this season, but it came on the back of the team's All-Star leader, John Wall, who called the win the best of his career.

Wall had a great game, scoring 31 points to go with 11 assists, but it was his sheer dominance at the end of triple OT that spoke loudest. Wall absolutely took over the game. We regularly remark that a player won a game 'by himself.' Well, Wall damn near did.

Mike already reviewed all this in his immaculate recap yesterday morning (which is why we've put off Pixels until today), but because it's worth going over again: With the score notted at 127-127 with 1:22 to play, Wall beautifully intercepted a pass from Greivis Vasquez on a pick-and-roll, knocking it to Marcin Gortat, who pushed the ball ahead to a streaking Trevor Ariza for an easy slam.

On the next possession, Wall stripped Vasquez, raced upcourt and found Martell Webster for a reverse layup, and a 131-127 lead with one minute to play. After a pair of free throws from Demar DeRozan, Tyler Hansbrough found himself switched on Wall, who, well, I'll just let you watch what happened further down this post. Suffice to say, Wall got the best of Psycho T, and from there it was academic.

Just a momentous, monster win. The victory was Washington's fifth in a row -- their longest in two seasons -- and pushed its record to 30-28. Not to be overlooked was Gortat's career game (a career-high 31 points to go with 12 rebounds and 4 blocks), and huge contributions from Chris Singleton (13 points, nine rebounds) and Andre Miller (11 points, 5-of-7 shooting) off the bench.


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Game highlights

Postgame interviews: Randy WittmanJohn WallMarcin GortatBradley BealMartell Webster


108 - Field goals attempted (!!!) by the Wizards against the Raptors.

5 - Three pointers made by Washington against Toronto. Somehow, the Wiz still won.

34 - Washington's scoring advantage in the paint, where the Wizards outscored the Raptors 80-46. This probably helped make up for the lack of threes.


Yeah, there's more than usual. Let's begin at the end of the second overtime.


There can't be just one from a triple OT game, right? Right. Just consider this John Wall's personal highlight reel.

(H/T @HoopDistrictDC)

(H/T @Truth_About_It)

(H/T @cjzero)

Here's Wall's complete highlights from the game.


Holy crap you guys commented 2,478 times. *slow clap*

This deserves a sampling of elation.




this post count has to be a SBN record...


For this site only haha.



2013 - John Wall's 1st All Star appearance, playoffs 
2014 - Bradley Beal's 1st All Star appearance, 2nd round 
2015 - Beat Cleveland in 2nd round, Conference Final 
2016- KD to DC, NBA Champion


Inside Job


The user formerly known as "Shark Fin Soup" and currently known as "the guy who didn't save his ancient password before he reinstalled his browser"





I will never forget J.W. face when he realized the wizards had the first pick lls

Oh, and this also amused me.


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