John Wall is good at basketball, numbers agree

On numberFire, you can find an article about John Wall and how much he's improved from his rookie year to now. Essentially, the article says "he used to be pretty good, and now he's better, but he's not as good as some other good point guards." However, you can now refer to another statistic, "nERD," instead of just calling somebody an idiot for saying that Kyrie Irving is better than John Wall.

Things you might want to know:

  • nERD stands for "numberFire Efficiency Rating Derivative" and I'm pretty sure they called it nERD on purpose.
  • Player nERD measures the total contribution of a player throughout the season. Zero is average. John Wall's nERD is 3.8 right now. This means that a team full of league-average players with John Wall as a starter should end the season about 3.8 games over .500, or about 43-39.
  • Kyrie Irving's nERD is only 1.1, so take that, Cleveland. Also, Kyrie is getting no help from that team.
  • Team nERD goes from 0-100, with 50 being average. The Washington Wizards have a team nERD of 46.9, which means that their winning percentage should be about 46.9%, making them about 23-26 right now. If this continued for the whole season, they'd be a 38 or 39 win team. What's going on? John Wall is above-average, but the team is playing below-average basketball. Where are the weak links?*
  • Well, player nERD can be positive or negative. Negative is below league-average. The Wizards have ten players below league-average, according to nERD. That's bad. Everybody not named Trevor, Trevor, John, Martell, or Marcin is subzero. Bradley Beal has a nERD of -4.4, which is bottom 25 among players who average five or more minutes per game.

Anyway, the article's cool, and it's cool to see people taking note of his improvement. What's not cool is how inefficient the rest of the team has been, since we've seen how well they can play when they're firing on all cylinders. Hopefully the underperforming players turn it around soon. Very soon.

*Some may say that one of the weak links is the coach. Unfortunately, numberFire has no coach nERD. I assume it would be pretty low for Coach Forrest Gump Randy Wittman.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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