Randy, Beal, Player Development, Modivation and the Playoff Run - Webster is about to start

Warning, long post, but if you have the patience to read it, I think there is something in here worth considering regarding Randy's approach to things and how they might be about to change.

1) have his team prepared. Game plan, system, emotionally focused.
2) get his player to understand how to maximize their skills. More of what they do good. Less of the bad

From my previous post, I laid this out as the min a coach should be able to do. While its established there are serious questions about the offensive system, you have to admit, it looked great offensively against the Spurs. When everyone moves the ball, it looked almost the same as the Spurs. As for prepared. Randy seems to give them the information they need. So lets focus on "emotionally focused" because that seems to be the problem.

After listening to this last round of interviews, I think I have come to understand and except Randy's approach to motivating them better. Maybe I have been to harsh on him because I wasn't seeing the forest for the trees. Listen to these interviews first.

Well, in typical Randy fashion, he does a pretty good job of describing the problem. But lets get back to the emotionally motivating them topic. If I was to give Randy the benefit of the doubt, here is what I think is happening. I think he wants the players to do with for themselves. They have to be professionals. Mostly this is about Wall and Beal which is what I keep saying the entire season is about.

Regarding Wall, he didn't really have much choice but the live through his growing process, but with Beal, I think he has stuck with him and allowed him the opportunities to fail and learn vs turning to Webster. Last night was a great example. It was a no brainer to put Webster in earlier but he stuck with Beal who couldn't shoot and played terrible D. He could have also turned to Temple more for D.

Listen to what Beal has to say about being ready for the game. I have heard this from him in so many interviews. Over and over and over.
He says, we came out with zero energy. But was it really a we thing. Wall beat Kyrie who is a AS who also had a great game. Nene vs Tristian was a wash. Gortat beat big V. Kevin S was 3-5 and 4 rebounds in 14 min with one terrible shot.

Its was Beal that was 3-15 and 1 rebounds in 34 min when his counter part 26 year old 2nd Rnd, 34th CJ Miles was 7-11 and 2-3 4 reb 2 steals in 25 min. Beal was also used by Waiters who is always up to play Beal who gets all the attention and who was drafted one slot behind Beal. Waiters probably hates that Beal is viewed as so much more talented then him and such a likable young man while he is the problem child and comes off the bench. Waiters came to the game to prove something and did it.

Now listen to his teammates

He doesn't need anyone to motivate him. He sounds frustrated. He gets it. But he is a seasoned vet

Trevor A
I like that TA has the balls to say what he thinks even if its against what Randy thinks. I also like the he takes the stance that if the coach thinks he needs to change the rotations then do it. Be the coach.

Sounds like he gets it. Wall doesn't think its Randy's job is to motivate them. I think Randy agrees.

So to wrap this up and tie it all together.
I think this has everything to do with Beal. I think Wall has gotten there after 3.5 years. He still has room to grow but Wall is over the hump and an All Star now. But Beal is only 1.5 years into his career and 20 years old. I think he is the one is struggling to get up to the level of the other starters. And I think Randy has had a hands off, let him learn by his mistakes approach in the first half of the year. But now its almost the all star break which begins the run for the playoffs. Time is running out. This long rope player development approach to Beal is about to come to an end. I think Randy is about to add the piece we have wanted. Substations and accountability.

This is what I think could be going on. I think Randy was very apprehensive to pull Beal regardless of what he was doing out there. He even put him back in for the final shot last night even though he had done nothing to earn that chance. He has given Beal all the opportunity to succeed or fail that he could. Now I think he is about to take of the kitten gloves off and let Beal feel what its like to be held to a higher standard. Sorry young Mr Beal. Its not about having fun. Its about winning. I think he has had enough time in the league to handle this approach now without it crushing his confidence.

Randy made a comment about needing to now try something new. That's were I think things are. Time is running out on letting Beal figure this out for himself. 2nd half of the season if about to begin. The bar is about to get raised.

I think what follows from there is that Pops style whip of accountability some of us feel has been missing and I think this might be way we haven't seen it yet. In a strange way, Randy has been actually coaching them with an eye on 10-20 games down the road. His message about focusing on how they play win or lose was totally on message. Its not about over .500, its about what you do and how the team plays and gets better - win or lose. Over .500 is nothing. That will take care of itself if you play right. Its nothing to even focus on. Besides, he wants to be well over .500 so why focus on that.

But the part that was missing is what a Pops can do with SAS vs Randy and the Wizards. SAS is an established winning team with established vet leader. Pops doesn't have to motivate them. And they also have a winning record so if Pops pulls you or the entire starting line up, he has room to throw a game to make a bigger point. And they don't have a 1.5 year experience player they are counting on so heavily. Its just a different situation. Not saying Randy is Pops. That wasn't the point so please don't get stuck on that.

So giving Randy the benefit of the doubt, I think this is what he has been doing regarding Beal. He was giving him the long rope to learn. Now I think he is raising the bar. I think Beal will get either yanked quicker or you might even see Webster start. Its still about Beal developing, but now its going to come from raising the bar on him and seeing if he can climb up to reach it.

There is nothing that says Beal has to start. Waiters doesn't start and that teams isn't even headed to the playoffs. The Wizards can start Webster if they want. Webster is having a very efficient year shooting .450 and .410 from 3, .852 FT, 3.5 rbs in 30 mins.

And I don't think anyone questions if he is a mature vet leader who will show up game after game. If you take a step back, this actually makes sense to do. Beal is not ready to handle the level of pressure that comes with being ready game in and game out at a playoff level. Webster is. He is a mature vet.

I think we are about to see this.

Trevor A

And I support the move for the Team, for Wall and for Beal. He will still get his playoff experience but with less pressure on him. And from the bench, he can still have a huge effect on winning. There are more then enough minutes in the game for Webster, Trevor A and Beal between SG and SF.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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