20/20 Hindsight: Bradley Beal, what's up?

I briefly touched on this topic after being displeased with Bradley Beal's performance (yet again) in the loss to the Cavs. This isn't to dump or Beal or to say he is a bust so no need to read into something that's not there. Just pointing out that with his struggles, a player who was also in position to be drafted at #3 (or later with a trade back) is flourishing.

First we have Beal. For as good as Bradley has looked with his shooting stroke and as solid as he has been beyond the arc, we have not seen the supposed sharpshooter the Wizards were taking with the 3rd pick. Furthermore, Wiz haven't seen much any other aspects of his game consistently and when his shot isn't falling, he isn't contributing much. I understand he is young and has a lot of maturing to do but that is a reason, not an excuse.

Then we have Jeremy Lamb. The whole reason I wanted the Wizards to draft him (apart from the huge gaping hole at SG) was because it seemed like the Wizards have forever been a team that relied on jumpers and long ones at that. Lamb was one of, scratch that, IS one of the most efficient shooters in his draft class. He is flawless coming off screens and pulling up in a smooth motion into an unblockable shot (monster 7'1 wingspan paired with 6'5 frame). Lamb is also very athletic and adept at finishing around the rim, especially with his feathery smooth floater.

Most people scoff at the notion Lamb can be a better shooter than Beal but is it really that farfetched? Lamb is already better from the field (45% to 40%) and FT line (83% to 80%). In fact, looking at their respective stats charts, Lamb is better from everywhere on the floor except the top of the key.



Also Lamb's shooting efficiency is up there with some elites of the league (none close to Korver or Bellinelli or LeBron who are all around or over .600) at .521:

-Durant: .568

-Curry: .549

-Tony Parker: .522

-Paul George: .515

-James Harden: .510

-Dirk: .540

-Klay Thompson: .526

While Beal is hovering around .469 which is in the Evan Turner (.455) Wall (.458), Jordan Crawford (.466) and Nick Young (.481) range. Ariza is .545 while Webster is .572!! for reference.

Lamb is also the more dynamic player defensively with more blocks and just about the same amount of steals. Combine that with his size and athleticism and OKC got themselves a steal. This is more or less a revisit to the comparison of the 2 so feel free to weigh in as you'd like.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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