Firing on GM Grant: How this easily could have been us.

I'm am typing this article while being snowed in and classes being cancelled. With the situation I am currently in, I felt it was best to give my perspective on the matter.......and do some laundry.

Pre-Wash & Sorting:

I heard about the Grant firing before I saw my clothes bin was full. With the bin full, I thought I might as well wash the clothes and the sheets altogether. Now this isn't the analogy of what could happen in Cleveland but use it as you may. Grant's firing was expected and unexpected. His hasn't produced much team wise and his deals on most occasions has gone awry. He was given the blessings of the owner to try to retain Lebron James or prepare for a speedy rebuilding process to playoff contention in the least.

He failed to do either.

Wash Cycle:

Went to the basement with the other students to start preparing, washing and contemplating. How did go so wrong? What would happen next? Why does this detergent smell so good?

When Prada sent a link on the article about how the firing came to be( link:, it reminded me of our own GM flopping around, trying to make moves that look awful on paper but shrewd in hindsight. Sacrificing cap space that could have been used to gain "super-stars" but acquired role players instead. Only now to realize those misfits veterans were able to provide the team with success and made themselves valuable( if not a little bit) as trade chips for future players.

I do admit Grunfeld hasn't been perfect. We can list the multiple draft mistakes he has made since Wall and how we are not sitting with a James Harden, Harrison Barnes, Kawhi Lenoard, or any young, contributing NBA players since Wall was drafted. But he has hit enough to be successful (or got lucky enough for any skeptics out there). The Cavs also had a good streak of luck in draft choices(Since Irving: 2 #1 picks(Irving, Bennett), 2 #4 picks(Thompson, Waiters)) but it not all have panned out like ours. And honestly, only two of our top picks have worked out(you know the ones) and it is because of team chemistry that they could become the one of the best backcourt duos in the NBA. Couldn't Irving and Waiters be the same?

Dry cycle:

I was listening to this unique mashup while I was trying to move soaking piles of clothes to the dryer. Numerous occasion I was close to slipping while tossing in the dryer sheets (Yay, more fumes). After walking up three flight of stairs, I proceeded to read the rest of the article and saw how Grant made trades for young unproven guys or veterans while accumulating more draft picks. But there was a lack of synergy no matter who he threw in. In a sense, his actions were Grunfeld-esuqe(without the draft picks). He made trades to acquire Hinrich, Jordan Crawford(who he flipped back because of poor play and inflated ego-Long Live Steez), Nene, Gortat, Ariza, Okafor and signed Martell Webster. This could also be viewed as a motley crew of underachievers and overpayed players that would send Grunfeld into the chopping block. Instead, this might be the pillar if not the backbone for his case of an extension (albeit a small one).

His plan is not perfect. No one is. We tried to follow the OKC model but even their model was partly based on luck and chances. Drafting three franchise caliber players in consecutive years? Improbable. Maybe Grunfeld realized that after Young, Blatche, McGee, Steez experiment failed, that he needed to bring in players with good basketball IQs, teamwork skills, non-ball dominant and good locker room ethics. Despite the subpar to mediocre success in the past two years, the environment has been pleasant with the only goal is to win than how to play together. Whether this is the final roster when we are heading into the next chapter of this franchise as playoff contenders, this is a good transitional phase.

Folding/Sorting Time:

BTW, this song is a perfect analogy of our season thus far or how the East in panning out(cheering for Charlotte and Toronto to make it to the playoffs over the NY teams).

The clothes are dry and now I am clumsily dragging two bags up three flight of stairs. Mediocrity should not be a goal but a transitional phase that which we are in. Hearing stories about other failing organizations makes me thankful that we are steadily moving up no matter how we detest our GM/HC. They may not be the Scott Presti or George Karl but lets be honest. Which high profile coach/GM would want to go here with a team that has a .354 winning percentage since 2010(ESPN). Let's continue our season with passion for excellence and gratitude for those who has gotten us here(until after trade deadline or when the season is over).

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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