Crucial Decision

I could go on for hours about what Trevor Ariza brings and means to this team but judging from new rumors and previous history with Ernie it most likely looks as if one more signature Grunfeld move will be made before the deadline. As much as i have grown to love Ariza, he's most likely on the move.

These are the options that i THINK are available to the Wizards (so don't kill me if you think I'm wrong)

Taj Gibson: If he is traded for Ariza, Taj will be a good fit following Nene. He's good enough to start and play up to 30 minutes if need be but if Taj is traded i'm unsure if Trevor Booker will be returning because Taj will be a 4 year commitment. Personally i think he would be a good fit with the team

Jeff Green: I think once Rondo comes into form, Boston is going all in for the rebuild and they may be looking for expirings. The pieces that will be available consists of Rondo, Bass & Green. Idk if Boston would be satisfied with just cap space but other pieces would be involved. Wiz fans want another creator on offence, at this point in time, Green would be the guy. But this would mean Otto riding the bench because it would be a 3 yr deal

Omer Asik: I bet Daryl Morey would have accepted Washington's deal now. Now that Asik is so hard to deal, he would have accepted the draft pick with Mek and now they can't find an offer they are happy with. The media has made Asik look a bit like a diva but when he is ready to come back from injury he will be a solid center moving forward... which most likely means no Gortat extension. Keep in mind Omer is owed something like 15mil next season and March will be something close to what he is now, around 7-9mil.

Greg Monroe: I want him on the team, period... But i highly doubt it's going to happen via trade. I don't think we have the pieces to get it done and the off season would be my bet. Fingers crossed that Josh Smith isn't traded anytime soon.

I'm still stuck on what direction that management will go in. Most fans are clamoring for a combo guard off the bench. I think it is more essential to go for a big man if possible because i think combo guards are much easier to find rather than big men with skills. We already had Shannon Brown but due to a full roster we couldn't hold on to him. Guys like Shannon Brown, Gary Neal, Mo Williams, Jordan Crawford, etc are achievable in attaining with other pieces, but a player like Trevor Ariza needs to be dealt for someone who would have something close to his level of impact and production on the team.

Who has faith in Ernie? Regarding trades, I think he has actually done a decent job. Does he have one more in him though?

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