Targets for the summer FA period

The goal of this season was to make Washington an attractive FA destination. With the rise of Wall and Beal and the establishment of an identity here in DC I'd say thats a success. Props to both Ernie and Randy for that.

Eyes on the prize moving forward, some summer FA targets I hope we seriously move for* in no particular order.

Greg Monroe - RFA: To me this should be the number 1 target. If the question is Gortat at $10M per or Monroe at $13M I'm taking Monroe every single time. He's younger, longer, more athletic, more potential and probably the better rebounder.

Greivis Vasquez - RFA: Basically the absolute best case scenario for Sato. Could probably interest Toronto in some sort of S&T even involving the two. I'd be willing to go full MLE for General G.

Pau Gasol - UFA: May have to do a S&T, but I think we can interest Pau in coming to DC. Especially if there is a respected coach on the bench. $14M each for the next two years should get it done.

Spencer Hawes - UFA: Wildcard guy because if you can get him cheap enough as a 3rd big (~$7M) you can bring him and Gortat back.

Thabo Sefolosha - UFA: Ariza insurance, Ariza clone, Ariza-lite cost. (~4M)

Ed Davis - RFA: I'm always nervous about these per36 all stars because they usually end up giving you the same numbers whether they play 16 mins, 26 mins or 36 mins. Ed Davis is especially concerning because he's been criticized about his motor at every level he's played. The fact that his dad played in the league sends sirens blaring in my head. You have to wonder if a lifer has love for the game? Yikes. MLE probably gets it done.

Anthony Morrow - UFA: My basketball crush for a few years running now. He and Webster would probably become best buds, run a blog together, have a section in the VC called "3's company" and walk around with tag team championship belts with a big 3 on them. He's also from NC so I'm sure he and Wall are familiar with each other. Seriously though the guy is the best set shooter in the league, and I say that knowing full well this league has Kyle Korver in it. Any one of the many exceptions in the CBA would get him because he's only earning $1M. GO GET THIS GUY!

Chris Kaman - UFA: Another super cheap 3rd big (~3M). Not very inspiring.

Patrick Patterson - RFA: A rich man's Booker, it would take the full MLE to get him here. Local boy too so thats always nice.

Emeka Okafor - UFA: Might come back here to back up Gortat and Nene. Depending on the interest around the league could be had for cheap. Won't even speculate to put a number on it.

Didn't include any trade candidates because that gets super complicated and confusing. This is all pretend land anyway so let me know your thoughts!

* In my heart I believe Randy and Ernie are extended and we bring back Miller, Ariza and Gortat and call it a day.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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