Magical Pixels, Wizards vs. Rockets: Someone book James Harden on Inside the Actors Studio

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Tell me James, how's it feel to be the greatest flopper in all the land?

That was dumb.

The Wizards had that one. Like, it was theirs, up two with four seconds left, and then James Harden went and swindled Dick Bavetta (bless his heart) into calling a game-swinging foul on Trevor Ariza, even though the contact was mutual and run-of-the-mill for a last-second inbounds play. Jerk move, James. Jerk move.

Of course, Harden made the free throw (he went 16-for-16 from the line), and then the Wizards went and let him score the game-winning layup with 0.7 seconds remaining, but not before Dwight Howard clearly held John Wall on a screen to free Harden. Naturally, Bavetta didn't see that one.

Kevin Seraphin missed an open jumper, because this is Kevin Seraphin we're talking about, and the Wiz lost, 113-112. Too bad, because Ariza played one of his better games, scoring 32 points on 10-of-14 shooting from three. Wall scored an inefficient 19 points, but racked up 14 assists with zero turnovers, and Bradley Beal chipped in 20 points. Nene shot 75 percent en route to a 21-point night.

Eve before Harden's flop, it was a wonder the Wizards were even in this game, given that the Rockets took 47 foul shots, and the Wiz took 16. I'm guessing this made a difference in a one-point game. But forget that for a second, and let's just hate Harden together.

Yeah, that's better.


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3:1 - The free-throw ratio between the Rockets and Wizards. Houston attempted 47 free throws (!!), making 35 of them (!!!), while Washington took only 16 freebies, making only eight of them.

26 - Houston turnovers against Washington. This was pretty much the only reason the Wizards were in a position to win at the end. The Rockets shot 53.1 percent, outrebounded the Wizards by 16, and again, took 47 freaking free throws.


Here's the thing...all of #WizardsTwitter agreed that Harden flopped, the Wizards got jobbed by the refs (specifically resident NBA ghoul Dick Bavetta), and then didn't get the makeup call when Dwight Howard held Wall on Harden's game-winning layup. That is, except for one Wizards blogger, who shall remain nameless (for now), who insisted that it had been ARIZA who fouled HARDEN, and that the refs had no choice but to call the foul.

See if you can pick out our mystery blogger, as we relive the horror as it transpired on Twitter.

This is when things we're still happy, and the Wizards were up two with four seconds to play. How could they mess this up?


Those were the initial reactions to Harden's flop (see below for video). But wait, there was more. Much more.

I'm not saying this is a clue as to the identity of our mystery blogger, but it might a clue as to the identity of our mystery blogger.





If you didn't figure it out by now, yes, Mike is the mystery blogger who agreed with Dick Bavetta. Send your your complaints to Brian Williams.

See that Mike? Consider yourself Zen'ed. (Zenned? Zen'd?)


Give the man his Oscar. (H/T @Truth_About_It)



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