Magical Pixels, Wizards vs. Pelicans: Sure, the Wizards won, BUT JAN VESELY Y'ALL!!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

The Washington Wizards played awesome for three quarters yesterday and withstood a late run from the New Orleans Pelicans to hang onto the win, but all that really mattered was JAN VESELY.

Welcome to the Jan Vesely Edition of Magical Pixels. Not sure we'll ever get a chance to do this again, so here goes.

Vesely had 12 points and seven rebounds in 22 minutes off the bench against the Pelicans, and his plus-13 was double that of any of his teammates. Still, this wouldn't normally be an eye-catching performance from an NBA player, but this is Jan Vesely, folks.

As you might imagine, #Wizards twitter lost it's mind, especially given that Vesely's points tend to be either a) spectacular like an alley-oop, or b) wildly unexpected , like a natural-looking hook shot. Yesterday was no exception, and everyone got very excited.

It helped that the rest of the team played well. Trevor Ariza led the team with 21 points and also pulled down 10 rebounds. John Wall had 20 points, six assists and shot 3-of-4 from three. Bradley Beal chipped in 17 points and four assists. Marcin Gortat had another double-double, with 11 points and 14 boards.

But enough of that noise. Back to Vesely...


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Game highlights

Postgame interviews: Randy WittmanJohn WallTrevor ArizaBradley Beal


A brief departure from #AirWolFest...

47.6 - The Wizards' three-point shooting percentage against the Pelicans.



Bask in it, Wiz fans.


We don't always go with the most rec'd comment, but when one received four-times as many rec's as the next closest comment, you kinda have to go with the people. And man, they picked a good one.


# Commenter # Comments
1 Wall_Hopeful 87
2 souldrummer 59
3 SladeKillah 40
4 imperialme 36
5 DCrez 35
6 Baird15 31
7 DCeee 27
8 gregjohnson1229 27
9 JimmyWall 22
10 thewiz06 22
11 LRJ 22
12 Banode 20
13 Tbonebullets 19
14 LeHalfrican 18
15 little stevie colter 18
16 Big Purp 18
17 Durant 16
18 ZonkerBL 14
19 abdou77 13
20 KINGWIZ86 13
21 BackScreenLob 12
22 KonartistNupe 11
23 DMV Cock 9
24 johnwallposterizes 8
25 Asdesas 8
26 17squall 8
27 hotplate 8
28 Gators2015_BB3 7
29 HijackedD 7
30 KurisuDevil 6
31 Mandark 6
32 g_andal16 5
33 segrt12 5
34 pplchamp 5
35 sawered 5
36 DaPropertyOvSeptember07 4
37 Clutchcity202 3
38 oakhillsteeze 3
39 jobe 3
40 Alpha_Snail 3
41 DeadheadSkins 3
42 wync 2
43 Jordo 2
44 tw10 2
45 Im_So_DC 2
46 Hausernberg 2
47 rsilbe 2
48 Jormond Wall 2
49 Llamaman 2
50 Jared Wildberger 1
51 endos2000 1
52 ATrueNigerian 1
53 VBfan 1
54 mrudolph30 1
55 Rook6980 1
56 Chillinois 1
57 redskinz_lover 1
58 dave21110 1
59 laxdog 1
60 sierradave 1
61 rayallenisaballer 1
62 Krobify 1

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