Mark Jackson "disrespects' the Wiz after loss.

After losing to us, Mark Jackson had this to say:

"The very good teams or the great teams in this league, they take care of their business. And right now, we're a team that, if a championship-caliber team or an elite team comes in here, we play at that level. And if a bad team or average team comes in, then we play at that level. We are not good enough to allow who comes in here to determine how hard we play. ... Let's stop reading the press clippings and find a way to go out there and get it done. ... Too many times, we find ourselves forced to try to win ballgames when we should have won it 20 minutes earlier."
-- Warriors coach Mark Jackson

I read that as saying we the Wiz are a bad or average team that Mark's GS team should have blown out while having 20min worth of garbage time. Like I guess people can argue we're an average team at best, but don't call us that after you just lost, and even if you do call us that, don't say your team, that just convincingly lost, should have been able to blow us out with 20min left to play in the game, b/c I feel that's basically saying we are a crap team, which again, just beat your team.

I get that we are a VERY inconsistent team, and that we aren't the best coached nor focused at times, BUT we def. are a team every single team (except the Pacers I guess, lol) should take us seriously for any given game because:

  • We arguably have the 2nd most explosive and imposing back court. And although overly inconsistent, we still arguably have the 2nd best all-around PG in the NBA (Curry 1st, then Wall's 2nd, IMO,...CP3, Westbrook injured)
  • Nene when playing great is arguably one of the best and skilled PF's in the NBA.
  • We are the best 3pt shooting team on the road.
  • We are involved in way too many close games where one good play could get us a win - why Wall's top 5 in the NBA in clutch scoring ( stats). So basically we are a grind out team.

I think we have proven that we are a legit eastern conference playoffs team, which means there's always a chance that any good/elite team can lose to us (Miami, GS, nearly OKC).

Overall team's need to realize that we are a good team that more than often makes it hard on ourselves to win games, but if we're on we can easily beat good teams (Miami).

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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