I'm out you guys, this is why

After 4 years of following Wizards, and 14 days of thinking about where the team is heading, I'm out.


1. My basic observation (and maybe I'm wrong) is - We were joke of a franchise for too long, so the thing everyone (owner, FO, coaching staff even players and maybe fans) wants the most, is not to build a contender really, but to look like a competent organisation. Like we finally belong to the "normal" NBA.

2. Of course we would love to have a contender, but that is a risky process during which we can easily get burned. And that IMO is what we simply are not ready to go through now. The most, we want to be respectable now. So lets talk about winning and contending and plans to build something big, but really just stay safe and don't do anything stupid (and of course market the team and cash money). We don't want to be laughed at again. We will do it the "right way"!

3. So we kick out all perceived nuckle heads and we start getting in the right players - veterans with "great character". In the draft, we go for the sure bets, again with great character (Beal, Porter) no matter what. Just look good and don't make a mistake. We prefer to sign "proven" guys, quickly and without hesitation and look like a competent organisation with a plan in the process. What is the point of waiting for the market etc. when all you want is to have a good image? Of course the same applies to re-signing our guys, not just players, but GM and HC too. Give them a chance! One more year! Because the "right way" is of course to be patient and loayal.

4. Now we do all this, everything is great, so we are ready to start pushing for the playoffs. If obstacles arise, we now can trade draft picks etc. because there is no point of waiting, when we are finally competing. Of course in that situation, you don't want to compromise yourself with playing some rookies or players who need guidance - screw it, just play 8 "proven" guys (of course, you can not send your 3rd draft pick to the D-League even if you think it will help him, it may look like our GM is an idi..... No,no, we don't like that!) Because we are really good now, of course we will make the playoffs and maybe more! This is such a success! Now we must act the "right way" again and quickly re-sign Gortat and Ariza too. Kick out the flotsam and sign "proven" veterans for help. And then after deep and complex evaluation, it is time to acknowledge the good job our GM and HC did and give them another contract. Probably not too long and expensive, that will help too. How can you possibly kick out guys, who brought playoffs to the city after such a long period?! That would not be something franchise operating the "right way" does. Stay loyal and patient.

5. Finally! We are doing great! John and Bradly will be superstars, everybody knows it! Even Charles Barkley is saying this and he had only harsh words for us in the past. The rest of the guys are proven veterans with great character. Maybe KD will sign here one day!

Yeah. This is all great, or maybe I'm completely mistaken. Maybe being respectable, something like last years Bucks or Atlanta before Ferry, is good for this franchise. Just do it the "right way" and don't look stupid. If it means we are average so be it. Maybe John will make some All Stars teams and everybody will have fun.

But that is not fun to me. I don't want to look at Boston, Philly, Toronto, Atlanta, Orlando and others in the East being smarter, more courageous, seeing and doing things step ahead of us. I don't want to be fan of an marketing bubble.

I can live without this. + of course, if I'm wrong and this team will be a blast, I can return and pretend I always knew it would happen...

Have fun !!!

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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