Why I would be willing to trade John Wall - please don't kill me :-)

Hey guys! Prague here again, hope you all are having a great start to the 2014!

Now - I'm in a weird spot with this team. Wizard are competing for the 3rd seed in the East, John is finally looking like a real team leader and future perennial All-Star, Marcin is looking good, both Trevors are having a career year, everybody is healthy (don't want to jinx it!), we don't hear much about Ernie... everything look's just fine!

So, why I'm not happy with what I'm seeing? Why I look at the games, at the team and the season it is having and feel like it is all a fool's gold? What is wrong with me? :-)

I was reading stuff here on BF and elswhere + thinking about it and this is best I can do trying to understeand it:

1. As I've written in November, I think that Ernie and Randy are both top 5 worst guys at their position in the NBA, and without hating, I still think it's true. So if we make the playoffs (almost sure) playing like we are right now, all I know is, that both guys will get extensions. I'm just feeling it. And it will a terrible thing for the franchise.

2. Thing that has a lot to do with nr. 1 - this team as constructed is not going anywhere. I like the players, some of them a lot, but this is a fringe playoff team in a normal situation (aka not this years East) at best. We rely on 5, 6 players to be healthy and playing great, we have no depth at all + even those chosen players are not world beaters except John.

3. Again nr. 1 related - we are never punching above our weight. Never. I thing that is related to the coaching. I kinda like Randy, but he is a bad HC. Even if our guys are not great, we have a talent around our roster. But you look at our defense and it is mediocre. You look at our offense and it is mediocre. We are taking bad shots, we are rotating 8 guys in January etc. If you think about who we really are, check out team stats, whatever, we are a completely mediocre team. And coaching is a part of that - is our roster really worse than what Phoenix has? Denver? Dallas? Atlanta? Toronto? You can go on.

4. Again - player development. Everybody on this forum knows what i mean, so no need to talk about it again. I will just say one thing - do we really think, that Bradley Beal will become franchise player if almost 50% of all his shots are from midrange (he is 80/227 - 35%)?

5. I'm actually rooting for Kevin Seraphin, Jan, Chris Singleton, GRjr., to get a chance somewhere else and kick ass. Especially Kevin, who i don't like very much as a player, but the way he is working and the way Randy is treating him... I would just love to see him killig it at a team playing him to his strengths.

So as a fan, I'm not happy. I'm not happy with Ernie and Randy as our future GM and HC and I'm not happy with a vision of being a mediocre team for years to come, being left only with counting John's All-Star appearances (bless him!).

What I would like to see? Heh.

I would like to see Ern and Randy go and replace them with someone more competent. After season probably.

I would like to see current roster dismatled, because i don't believe you can build a chapionship caliber team around a point guard and a shooting guard as your franchise cornerstone players.

I would like to build around John, cap space and assets. If it is not possible, I would even be willing to trade John, if it means, we can get a quality pieces and/or picks back. Because overall, I don't think that a difference between having John and lets say Ty Lawson or Mike Conley as a PG will win you a chamionship alone. I would rather have a star big to start with (Which brings - if Nerlens Noel turns out to be exactly that, I'm done with this franchise, even if I like Otto).

Now I'm ready to burn in flames :D

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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