Time for grooming Porter is over. Give Singleton Otto's 11 minutes a game.

Lottery teams groom kids. Playoff teams play production!

Every point counts. If we lose a game by a few points I don't want it to be because Porter was learning how to play basketball in the nba. A #3 pick should contribute day 1 but it's not happening. Based on his play he should not step foot on the court the rest of this year. Let's play our best players. Hopefully he deserves 10-20 minutes next year if he's on the team.

We did this with Seraphin, Vesely, Booker and Singleton when they were rookies. It's unnecessary almost detrimental to Otto's growth by being on the court and being overwhelmed. He can't play d in the nba and is in the way on offense too many times.

In the same amount of time Singleton's production is double. He's stronger, plays better d, knows the plays (stand in the corner). I rather let CSing guard Melo, lebron, paul george, granger or Durant 5-10 minutes than throw otto porter out there to get peed on.

You see what I did we beat ny, mia, ind, and okc.

The kid needs at least 10-15 pounds, a summer league and a training camp.

Everytime we lose by 1, 2 or 3 I will be checking to see if Otto played just like how I checked on Maynor, how many minutes and if he did anything. Randy do not lose games because of this. I want that 3rd seed and I want the Heat and or Pacers. In 4 months we SHOULD be a BETTER team.

Otto might be ok in 3 -5 years but that doesn't fit into what our team is about in 2014 and 15. With Wall, Beal and Nene we need production now!!! Maybe a tanking team wouldn't mind grooming Otto for a couple of seasons. Otto we don't have the time here in Washington to wait on you like we did with Vesely. We could have traded Vesely for assets that first year but after that everyone knew he was a bust. Pretty much the top 50 sf in the nba would eat Porter alive right now so put him on the bench. Singleton's d and o stats are better. Let's see what he can do. Randy play the best players! I'm glad you finally gave Booker a chance.

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