The two biggest mistakes I believe the Wizards orginization made this off season.

1 - We did not draft Nerlens Noel

Position - Center

Height and Weight - 6ft 11in, 225lbs

Age - 19

How and Why - Drafted, Noel fell to 6th and was traded along with the first round pick by the Pelicans in 2014 to the 76ers for Holiday and a 2nd round pick in 2014, obviously we could have drafted him and sat him behind Okafor all year if need be to make certain his leg was completely healed, this would give him the best chance to take his time and heal while not being pressured to produce right away.

Okafor is a solid player in every sense, he has a professional mindset and is a leader - however in the last year of his contract we can not be assured that he will stay next year, the Wizards need a dominant big man if will we ever move from being a "mid-level" playoff team to a contender. Even if Okafor resigns his best years physically are behind him, in my mind Noel fit the replacement better then anyone. After this year if Okafor leaves we will be relying on free agency or Nene as Center and Booker as our main Power Forward, needless to say that is not a winning combination.

2 - We did not try and trade for Thomas Robinson

Position - Power Forward

Height and Weight - 6ft 10in, 235lbs

Age - 22

How and Why - Traded, the Rockets needed Cap Space to get Howard and basically gave him away to Portland for two future second-round picks and the rights to a Euro player, that would be well within the Wizards range and while Robinson is not at all a sure thing, his future contract would NOT be heavy.

He did not show a great deal at Sac or Houston and played on limited minutes, however he will only be coming in to his 3rd NBA season and he would not have been traded to start right away, he would be playing behind Nene and would be polishing himself to play in the future, he like so many other high draft picks have a lot of potential yet was drafted into a losing situation, and I firmly believe given a situation where they are placed on a team that WANTS THEM they will put in the effort.

After thought:

I understand the need for wings that can shoot, and to that point I understand why Otto Porter looked attractive to our office; he is long and even though he has a ugly shot it seemed to fall well enough in college, he has no real health concerns and appeared to be one of the most 'ready' talents coming out in the draft, that all coupled with his seemly humble attitude made him look like the pick.

However with all that said, the Wizards are in a terrible situation with Bigs, Nene plays hurt often and is seemly always on limited minutes, Okafor is in the last year of his contract and if he leaves we will have nothing suitable to replace him. When Noel dropped to 3 we should have jumped on him in a second, even if he is a strong personality we have given Wall his max, which makes him the leader of our team - Noel coming into this situation would have known from the start who was the man.

Wall is a pass first PG, and Noel is a defense first Center, we could have set ourselves up with a contending team - these 2 moves which seem obvious to me would had placed us on a tier above where we are at.

I'm sorry for this being so long, I just didn't want my first post to be short haha, please tell me what you think on this, and if there are any other obvious moves you think we should had made.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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